Case Study: Renewal by Andersen of Wisconsin & Milwaukee
Case Study

Case Study: Renewal by Andersen of Wisconsin & Milwaukee

Renewal by Andersen of Wisconsin & Milwaukee transformed their online presence when they started working with EverCommerce Martech companies, Socius Marketing and EverConnect. The company established their local brand identity with Socius Marketing’s digital marketing expertise and increased their high-quality leads at a sustainable pace with EverConnect.

Let’s explore the problem, solution, and results achieved together.


Renewal by Andersen (RBA) of Greater Wisconsin & Milwaukee specializes in windows and door replacements. The companies are consumer-direct distributors of the nationwide manufacturer Renewal by Andersen.  

RBA has historically catered to homeowners between 35-65 years old, but because those under 35 increasingly enjoy renovating their homes with high-quality products—whether through DIY work or with a professional—RBA has recognized a need to target younger people, too.

And their customers typically have houses that are more than 10 years old—just about the time when windows need a change.

So, what makes RBA’s products special?

The Windows & Door products use Fibrex composite frames, which differ from other window manufacturers.

“It’s not vinyl and not wood, very energy efficient and more durable. It’s a longer-lasting product,” said Alaina Steffes, RBA’s Marketing Specialist. “[Meaning] people who purchase these windows typically don’t have to replace them in the future.”

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty, which means the company stands behind their product.


RBA of Greater Wisconsin & Milwaukee has a seven-year strong connection with Socius Marketing formed at the company’s inception. Over time, RBA also grew a multi-year long relationship with EverConnect, Socius’s sister company, to address their lead generation needs.

Socius Marketing designed a localized website to represent the nationwide RBA brand in the Milwaukee & Wisconsin markets. This helps generate more company owned leads locally to supplement the nationwide corporate marketing from RBA. Socius focused on building quality and unique content to rank organically within search engines and build local website traffic and conversions.

EverConnect stepped in to create a consistent flow of high-quality leads for RBA’s business growth with their performance-based lead generation solutions.

Steffes has been a part of RBA for three years now. Her experience and fresh ideas have helped the company grow in new and exciting ways.

The Problem

When RBA of Greater Wisconsin acquired their Milwaukee location, they faced a big marketing problem. Their two websites—one for Greater Wisconsin and one for Milwaukee—looked and functioned differently.

This was significant.


Because it confused people and made it hard for the company to manage both sites.

The websites were not just different in appearance, either. Their inner workings, the backend code, were also set up differently.

This made updating the websites or adding new content a slow and demanding job.

On top of that, RBA wanted more quality, search engine optimized content to help them rank higher on Google search results for both their websites and social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter).

In terms of lead generation, RBA found it difficult to strike a balance with the amount and pace of high quality leads they were getting and felt they needed consistency in their lead generation.

“Sometimes a lead is beyond scope of work. It can also be a challenge to adjust lead flow quickly—by either turning the lead flow up or down with immediate results,” Steffes said.

“Lead flow” is how leads move through a sales funnel. It involves storing, filtering, and organizing lead data.

Managing leads is crucial for marketing success. It helps make sure leads move smoothly through the sales process, from first contact to becoming a customer.

The Solution

Socius’s main objective for RBA was to unite both websites under one brand umbrella.

Socius updated the look and functionality of both sites, making them more user-friendly and appealing. This meant ensuring they worked well on different devices, including mobile, and looked the same, showing a united brand image.

Socius also dove into the technical side, updating the backend code. Now, the RBA team can easily update content, fix issues, and manage both websites without any headaches.

“They were able to make sure everything on the backend was the same, and they redid the entire look of our website so that they were cohesive and shared the same brand identity,” Steffes said.

Socius also crafted compelling content that’s relative to RBA’s ideal customer profile to ensure their website was attracting not just people, but the right people.

This content approach helps in two significant ways. First, it draws more visitors organically through search engines like Google who get to RBA by way of content links, shared via email and social media. Second, it increases the chances of visitors becoming customers by using helpful content and effective calls to action. With this, RBA could focus more on their business.

For lead generation, EverConnect also set up dedicated campaigns for Renewal by Andersen to ensure the right number of exclusive leads were coming in at an adjustable rate. RBA was able to increase their budget to meet their volume needs so EverConnect Direct could deliver exclusive, brand-centric leads that centered quality over quantity.

“EverConnect is able to bring in quality lead flow while remaining a source that can allow for lead flow to be adjusted quickly,” said Steffes.

When looking for a lead gen solution, RBA was particularly looking to invest in something that was tailored to their business needs.

“It is important for us to have sources that can be adjusted on a whim. Maybe call center is having a difficult time setting some sources on a month, or sales has their closing average dip—it’s nice to be able to adjust lead flow, while maintaining the high-quality value of the lead—making sure the lead is one we can nurture,” Steffes said.

EverConnect Direct regularly tracked RBA’s leads, analyzed metrics, identified bottlenecks, tested new tactics, and improved outcomes. All so RBA could focus on providing outstanding service to their customers.

The Results

RBA noted their appreciation of how Socius managed to unify their brand across both websites.

By taking over the organic marketing efforts, Socius gave the RBA team one less thing to worry about. Whether customers visit the Greater Wisconsin or Milwaukee sites, they get the same brand experience and focused, dedicated care. This consistency in marketing and is vital in making a memorable brand with a commitment to customer attention.

By having EverConnect Direct increase their budget to meet RBA’s volume needs, they were able to rest easy knowing that their lead flow management was actively being monitored and adjusted. Instead of worrying about competing over an aggregator-level volume of leads, Renewal could spend more time on what they do best—running their business.

The work done by Socius Marketing and EverConnect Direct with RBA shows how crucial it is to have a strategic digital footprint and active lead flow management strategy. The results delivered by EverConnect are exceptional because of the lead exclusivity that represents the customer brand. This coupled with Socius’ ad campaign works to keep competitors out of paid search.

The combo of Socius and EverConnect is a power play for those with growth goals and brand equity.

The Future

Now that RBA’s websites are relaunched, they aren’t currently working with Socius on any marketing initiatives, but Steffes noted RBA’s appreciation for the work done to unify and strengthen their online presence.

As for lead generation, RBA will continue with the EverConnect services to continue seeing impressive growth.

“We continually increase our budgets with EverConnect as they are a consistent performer for us. We’ve implemented new campaigns and look forward to growing with them, and seeing what new opportunities arise with them!” said Steffes.