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We believe the best way to grow your business’ footprint online is a multi-channel approach to digital marketing that includes a blended organic and paid social media strategy.


Social Media Marketing Services

At Socius Marketing, we offer the full gamut of social media services, including organic social media content production, social media advertising, and brand management. Our blended strategic approach to social helps businesses reach a wider audience, drive brand engagement, and ultimately grow traffic to the website, resulting in more qualified leads. We deploy strategic techniques that will contribute to a digital marketing strategy that targets your ideal customer personas with messaging that helps build trust and improves your overall social media presence.

Paid Social Ads & Organic Social Media - Why You Need Both

When it comes to social media, no matter the platform, businesses have to pay to play if they want to get in front of a wider audience of users. However, that doesn’t mean that creative content that is on brand for your business should fall by the wayside. Our content and social media teams combine forces to develop unique, branded content to drive engagement while also building lead generating paid ad campaigns. Our paid social team is able to accurately track all the leads and conversions captured across your social channels, so you’ll be able to clearly see the ROI for your business.

Social Media Platforms We Work With

Our social media teams have experience developing content strategies, ads and branded messaging for a number of social media platforms, including 




Homeowners are searching online for reputable home improvement companies and contractors to help with their projects — we ensure that they’ll find you.
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From roofing companies and home remodelers to plumbers and solar companies, we know the home improvement business like the back of our hands.
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We have a great track record for driving patient volume to healthcare practices, urgent care clinics, hospitals, and major medical groups.
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5 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Reach Your Prospects When They Need You

While homeowners have pretty much learned to expect a plumbing disaster just moments before an important event, it’s still an unpleasant surprise — a surprise that catapults them into an instant, often frenzied search for immediate assistance. And chances are they’ll be searching online for a service provider who’s in their vicinity and can come to their rescue as soon as humanly possible. If you’re not dedicating at least a part of your online marketing budget to targeting prospects who search for plumbing businesses, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are five plumbing marketing ideas to ensure homeowners in search of urgent help will find — and choose — your plumbing company. 

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Top 5 HVAC Marketing Ideas That Work 

How do you stand out in your local market and become the first call someone makes when they need a new air conditioner or their furnace gives out? You need to work with an HVAC marketing agency that can help propel you to the top of the search results. Let’s discuss five HVAC marketing ideas that will get you started today.

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