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Outdated Website Loses Visibility Among Competitors

BEE Window’s first indication that they needed support from a digital marketing partner was their lackluster website. A company’s website is its largest digital footprint. Without a strong website, competing is challenging, especially in the home improvement industry.

Without all the features of contemporary websites, they were losing possible customers in the digital realm. They understood the need to modernize to expand their reach and regain market share. This helped the company determine a website redesign and PPC were the two areas to concentrate on.

“We just didn’t have a competitive website,” Carly Anichini, Marketing Manager, said.

The legacy website’s design had its last refresh in the early 2000s. According to Carly, it had very few updates, functionality issues and wasn’t mobile-friendly when she first came on board. As a result, the user experience wasn’t ideal, and the site’s visibility on search engines wasn’t strong.

In looking for a partner, Carly did her research. Like many great relationships between companies, it started with recommendations from the industry.

Within the window and door business community, Socius already had a reputation. Colleagues recommended the firm to Carly. She contacted the team at Socius, and they began to discuss the company’s challenges and goals.

The Solution

New Website and PPC Campaigns Drive Traffic and Leads

After hearing about the past experiences of fellow home improvement company owners, BEE Window tapped us to help with digital marketing in April 2019. The initial project was to manage their PPC campaigns regarding windows, doors, siding, and gutters.

Turning over the PPC administration to our experts was a smooth transition, and traffic from those began to increase. However, the website was still in need of a complete revamp. So, it was time to take on this project to ensure that paid traffic stuck around to request a consultation or an appointment.

In 2020, the website redesign became the focus. We worked with Carly to bring to life this new concept. Some of the goals were to:

  • Make it more visually appealing
  • Ensure it was easy to use and navigate through
  • Optimize for mobile

The Results

Quality Leads Abound, Driven by PPC and a Well Optimized Website

With a new, optimized and modern website, the ROI from this investment was evident. “They are good, quality leads. Socius has done a great job with PPC, making the process much easier.”

The PPC lead generation is much easier. It’s working so well that we now run their efforts for the home improvement services and bath renovations. “We’re typically a company that doesn’t like to have all its eggs in one basket. The bath portion of the PPC was with another company. We recently switched that over to Socius because of the great results we’ve received,” Carly explained.

But what does more traffic and leads really look like to the company? Since launching the new website in 2020, they hit a million in web leads. “ The new website was a huge impact in hitting that number. Before, we were at maybe 500,000 to 600,000 net new leads. Then when the new website hit, a couple of months later were hitting that million number,” Carly shared.

In discussing the partnership between BEE Window and us, Carly remarked it’s “really easy.” She noted she’s working with other digital marketing agencies that were less responsive and transparent. “I worked with other companies where I was constantly asking them to have a meeting and the numbers. I wasn’t seeing what they were seeing. I expect consistent reporting.”

Visibility on performance isn’t a challenge working with our team. Carly and her Socius account managers meet at the beginning of every month to discuss last month’s numbers. The information around metrics is always accessible, and she gets quick answers. “They’re very responsive. Any time I ask a question, they respond within that day.”

Faerber's Bee Window, Inc.

"The proof is in the numbers. Looking back at where we were in 2019, before the new website and Socius, it wasn’t where we wanted to be. It may have looked like we were doing well, but you never know the type of numbers you can get if you just go for it."

Carly Anichini