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Case Study

Reborn Home Solutions


Socius Marketing supported Reborn Cabinets by managing all their digital marketing initiatives. With an updated modern website and continued optimization combined with Google Ads, SEO and social media marketing, Reborn Cabinets experienced substantial growth in traffic and conversions.


Reborn Cabinets, based in Anaheim, California, is a premier home improvement company. The company specializes in manufacturing cabinets, kitchen remodels, bathroom installations and window and door replacements. The company expanded from California into Nevada almost eight years ago, becoming a trusted contractor for the Las Vegas area. Reborn Cabinets has showrooms in Anaheim, Lake Forest, Torrance, San Diego and Livermore, California, and Las Vegas with future plans to move into the Arizona market.

Reborn’s high-quality work, attention to detail and superior customer service are the foundation of the company’s 40 years of success.

The Problem

Digital Marketing Efforts Weren’t Driving Leads or Revenue

Reborn Cabinets had an existing digital marketing partner in place before partnering with Socius. Unfortunately, that vendor ‘s efforts weren’t delivering results for them in the digital realm. Reborn also wanted to launch Google Ads, which they felt were essential for their vertical. They didn’t feel their current agency had the right industry experience to launch these efforts.

The vendor’s shortcomings sent Reborn on a mission to seek better alignment with a firm that had paid advertising expertise. Reborn Cabinet’s President, Vince Nardo, began to hear the name Socius at industry conferences, including the Dave Yoho event. He met multiple other home improvement businesses that were working with Socius. “They came with strong recommendations from the industry,” said Marketing Director Edna Lozano.

In initial conversations, it was clear that Socius was a leader in the Google Ad space. Their knowledge of targeting and increasing SERP (search engines results page) rankings impressed them.

Another significant difference between Socius and the previous agency was control of their website property. Lozano commented, “Socius never tried to own our website. They always were just there to help us manage our website. For us, that was a key thing because the previous company we worked with owned it, and if you left, they kept all of the gains from the website.”

The Solution

Industry Expertise, Adaptability and High Performance Make a Beautiful Relationship

Once Reborn Cabinets engaged in Socius’s services, the first project was a website redesign. Upon completion, Socius continues to refresh the site whenever needed. Next, Socius began to manage all Reborn’s digital marketing needs. This includes Google Ads, SEO and paid social media marketing. “We use Socius for all our digital assets,” Lozano noted.

Socius sets itself apart from the competition with efforts to continuously enhance all digital marketing efforts. “Socius is always looking to see where can optimize page rankings. They’ve played a huge role in our growth.” said Lozano.

While success in metrics is the goal, relationships matter, especially to Lozano and her team. She added, “We love our account manager Jessica. She is super responsive. We look at Socius as an extension of our marketing team. We rely on them and lean on them for advice on best practices.”

Those best practices often require adaptability in the digital marketing ecosystem. Goals change, and because it’s a competitive market, such businesses always need to be a step ahead.

“As we’ve grown, they have grown with us. They adapted to our requests. They are always happy to help us get to the next level of reporting. We have weekly huddles to go over projects and catch up. We’re super happy with them,” Edna said.

The Results

Site Traffic Doubles and Conversions Reach 3,000 Monthly

Once Socius took over the digital marketing reigns, the company leveraged many strategies and tactics. As a result, the website traffic increased. That led to more opportunities for conversions. Through a marketing mix of Google Ads, SEO and social media ads, Reborn Cabinets realized digital marketing success.

The website traffic is nearly double what it was prior to Socius’s involvement, increasing by 90% since 2012. The website conversions also continue to grow year-over-year, averaging about 3,000 per month.

Reborn Cabinets defines their success with Socius around results, performance, and ROAS (return on ad spend). “They help us with lead generation, and our business depends on conversions. So, for us, it’s super important to measure every single dollar we spend. We need to know where it’s going and what results to expect from it. And if we get good results, how can we scale it?” Lozano described.

The Future

New Website Features and Continued Optimization Will Drive the Company’s Future Success

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. That means businesses must stay current on latest trends and continue to optimize. Socius provides that in many ways, including continuing to improve Reborn’s business website and refreshing their careers webpage.

One critical project they are currently working on is live appointments online. This feature is great for consumer convenience and offers efficiency to the Reborn Cabinet’s team. “We’re working right now on giving visitors the ability to make live appointments based on our actual schedule. That’s going to be huge for us. For every person that books online, it will eliminate up to 10 phone calls,” Lozano shared.

Socius and Reborn Cabinets continue to have monthly reporting meetings that are much more than reviewing metrics. Lozano said, “What I love about our monthly reporting meetings is that our account manager doesn’t read these numbers back to us. They have the actual person working on the tactic reporting back on their expertise. There are usually four to six people within different areas telling us insights.”

Lozano offered this advice to others seeking digital marketing support in the home improvement business.