NEWPRO Home Improvement Solutions
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NEWPRO Home Improvement Solutions


Socius Marketing helped NEWPRO improve its digital presence through a variety of tactics. The Socius team delivered a new website, supported paid search, boosted social presence and more.

As a result, they achieved greater visibility online. This, in turn, led to more conversions and improved profitability. Our work with NEWPRO now spans six years.

NEWPRO serves the New England states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine. They employ over 300 people delivering various home services solutions.

Those offerings include energy-efficient replacement windows, doors, siding, roofing and bathroom renovations. The family-owned and operated business is now in its third generation with President and Owner Nick Cogliani. Back in 1945, they started out as a window treatment business. They currently have four locations, with their corporate office in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Their clear differentiator in a crowded market is creating lifelong relationships with homeowners. They don’t just deliver a transactional experience. They are driven to provide remarkable experiences and impressions that result in NEWPRO being top of mind when thinking home improvement – similar to how people think “Kleenex” when they need tissue!


The Need for a Stronger Digital Presence

Initially, NEWPRO sought a partner to design and build a new website that focused on conversion. Digital marketing was emerging as an increasing common strategy. The company realized consumers were looking for services online. They needed to be found easily.

In seeking this new partner, the company looked at its own model of turnkey solutions for homeowners. They hoped to find an agency with a portfolio of options and expertise behind them. Their wish list included SEO, paid search ads, social media marketing, email marketing, branding, content creation and web design.

The partner needed to deliver on their promises and stand behind their solutions. As their Chief Marketing Officer, Marci Katz, said, “Our partner needed to understand our business and goals and provide the attention to deliver, from strategy to implementation.”

With this long list of must-haves and focus on credibility, the NEWPRO team had a mission. They learned about Socius through their industry network. We have a long history with home improvement businesses. This ultimately contributed to NEWPRO’s digital marketing success.

The Solution

Attention to Detail and Delivery on Expectations

The start of this partnership began with weekly stakeholder meetings to define projects.

“Socius delivered on their promises. They set expectations from the start, as well as goals and timelines,” Katz said.

The scope included new website design, deployment of microsites, SEO, paid search ads, and more digital initiatives. One thing that was critical to NEWPRO was the mobile experience for users.

“Mobile is super important to our business, and no matter what device someone’s using, it needs to be conversion-centric,” Katz said.

Socius became an extension of their marketing team, working with them and supporting all efforts to ensure cohesion. Those weekly meetings were actionable. The whole team discussed and shared data, identifying opportunities for improvement in every area.

One of the most critical deliverables was the new website. Katz noted the website “was beautifully designed, representing a very positive brand image and our mission to deliver an exceptional, worry-free home improvement experience. Socius delivered above and beyond our expectations.

The Results

Increased Conversions

The new conversion-centered website had a dramatic impact on NEWPRO’s marketing efforts. Some metrics of note the company achieved include:

Their current paid search strategy focuses on their specific product categories in the territory they cover. The team makes adjustments throughout the month based on performance. This is something reviewed weekly, looking at metrics like call center conversions, closing rates and more.

Katz also spoke to brand awareness. “Homeowners mention they see us everywhere online. They find us immediately with a Google search, and we then ask them how they found us. The frequent answer is online.”

The team at NEWPRO appreciates the constant communication, as well as marketing meetings that are actually productive.

“The meetings fuel ideas. We always walk away with more than we planned to discuss,” Katz said. Beyond regular meetings, there was another key ingredient that made the partnership successful. The Socius team brings some serious industry experience to the table.

“Their experience in our industry is essential as well as outside industry experience to apply. It’s the key to understanding direct response,” Katz said.

The Future

Scaling, Expanding and Enhancing the Customer Experience

NEWPRO’s future digital marketing efforts include rebuilding and redesigning the website, which is now about three years old. It will be more than a refresh. The goal is to also improve the customer journey, emphasizing storytelling as a medium. They want to showcase the amazing transformations they deliver for homeowners.

According to Katz, “We invest in our customer voice and the experience, and we want to represent this on our website. It’s what distinguishes us from the rest and will be necessary as we scale our business.”

Plus, they’re looking for more digital reach in the future. They are currently executing a market expansion which covers the entire state of Connecticut.

The NEWPRO team’s purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives from their NEWPROcares initiative to the support and training they provide their family of employees “We continue to grow and nurture a culture of helping people,” Katz said. That’s as true for their employees as it is for their customers. They understand that happy, motivated employees create a feeling of excitement that homeowners gravitate toward. What happens on the inside of an organization is felt by homeowners on the outside!

NEWPRO is ready to partner with Socius on scaling up and enhancing the customer experience through an even stronger digital infrastructure. Get started now.

NEWPRO Home Solutions

"We wanted as much market share as we could gain in our territory. We also wanted to do so in a cost-efficient manner and in a format we could control easily."

Marci Katz