CULP Dental
Case Study

CULP Dental

Dental Practice Taps Socius Marketing to Drive Digital Marketing, Exceeding Growth Goals Every Month


Socius Marketing helped Culp Dental design its website and launch innovative marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. This client experienced significant success over their first few months of marketing. Additionally, new campaigns are continuing to launch to attract more digital leads. The company’s main goals were to gain new patients and expand to hire another doctor. Based on demand and capacity, we adjusted marketing tactics to deliver optimal results. 


Culp Dental, a Rock Hill, South Carolina practice, currently has one quickly growing location. They have successfully treated thousands of patients since 1981. Dr. Charlie Culp and his team provide patients with restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry services. 

The Problem

Expansion of Digital Footprint Needed to Increase Patient Acquisition 

Culp Dental’s digital marketing efforts were minimal. There was a website and although it was SEO optimized, it wasn’t achieving traffic growth. Owner Dr. Culp had a strategic vision to increase new patients’ month-over-month and eventually add to staff. He knew there was potential in marketing. The company ran a successful campaign via Facebook with the promotion “Teeth Whitening for Life.” They wanted to grow beyond this to generate interest and more patients for restorative procedures.

The Solution

Investing in Marketing and Finding a Valued Partner

The practice was struggling to find new patients. “We were working hard, but there were declines and stagnation. We needed something to pump it up a little,” Dr. Culp shared. Dr. Culp had team expansion plans, and knew the practice needed more patients to achieve those plans. “We had to build out a team, get new assistants and more new hours. That was going to be a result of marketing producing those new clients.” 

Dr. Culp was unsure of what digital marketing strategies to launch. He met with a consultant and asked, “How do I grow this practice?”

The response?

The consultant recommended that Dr. Culp invest 6-10% of revenue toward marketing campaigns. Understanding that he would need support for this, he began to seek out the advice of peers. “An orthodontist buddy of mine referred us to Socius Marketing, and I signed up almost immediately,” Dr. Culp said.

Dr. Culp was ready to make that investment in marketing and move to the next level with his business.

The Results

“We are hitting our goals for new patient leads consistently.” The new patient growth occurred when Culp Dental tapped Socius Marketing to lead its digital marketing campaigns. Socius Marketing improved the company’s website with optimization and began to run ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram, starting in January 2021.

Since then, the practice has had a steady new patient rate of 50-60 per month, directly from paid campaigns. These campaigns also increased site traffic by 33% in just six months. In April 2021, the actual new patients against the goal were at 223%. The practice’s year-to-date growth is 38%. “We are meeting our revenue goals and have been able to hire more,” Dr. Culp noted.

Delivering quality leads that translate to new customers doesn’t happen by chance. Socius Marketing’s specialists developed a specific strategy that also includes lots of support and communication. Dr. Culp explained, “You’ve been tremendous. We’re always looking forward to the next call. You’re quick to respond. I don’t know much about marketing, but you’ve delivered everything I need. There’s always action to the next steps.”

Dr. Culp appreciates how he can see performance and ROI (which is averaging 2.25x). “Last week, there was a new Google ad. Throughout the day, we started to see traffic coming in from those ads.”