First Coast Siding’s Digital Transformation Is Marked By “Outstanding” Customer Support 
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First Coast Siding’s Digital Transformation Is Marked By “Outstanding” Customer Support 


In the intricate world of construction and siding, Chris Lentzke, a seasoned professional with 23 years of experience in construction and engineering, decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He launched First Coast Siding, servicing Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, in July 2022. 

“I figured I’d been working in (construction and siding) long enough that I should take a real shot at (owning my own business),” Lentzke told Socius. 

Lentzke recognized the paramount importance of a robust online presence in the contemporary business landscape. He sought a digital marketing partner to effectively navigate the challenges of establishing a thriving foothold in a highly competitive market. 

The Referral Connection 

Lentzke started out by hiring a single contractor to tackle First Coast’s marketing needs. He soon realized that he needed more.  

“He’s a marketing guru, but what we realized pretty quickly was that I needed to hire a company to help generate leads via Google,” Lentzke said. “… I knew I needed an online presence, but I didn’t know I’d need a marketing company right off the bat.” 

That’s when he received a referral from a trusted connection at Lansing Building Products. Matt Venier, the General Manager at Lansing’s Jacksonville branch, recommended Socius Marketing based on a longstanding rapport with the company and strong relationship with Socius account executive, Andrew McCartin.  

“I called Matt and asked if he knew of anyone who could help with things like pay-per-click (advertising) or SEO, and he immediately recommended Socius,” Lentzke said. “… I trust Lansing. I’ve always had a good relationship with them, so I trust who they partner with. I didn’t really look into anyone else at that point.” 

This referral solidified Lentzke’s confidence in Socius and laid the foundation for a collaborative partnership built on trust and industry camaraderie. 

The Challenge 

Having been in the business for so long, Lentzke knew the way to growing a successful siding business was through online marketing and lead generation. 

“I needed leads, and I knew online marketing was the way to go,” Lentzke said. “Ninety-nine percent of the leads at the companies I’d worked for in the past had been generated online.” 

Beyond the initial scope of managing paid advertising, Socius identified a significant opportunity to revamp First Coast Siding’s website, recognizing the critical role of a well-optimized website for improved SEO and user experience. 

However, Lentzke needed to do all of this within the confines of budget constraints typical for a new business. What he had initially budgeted for marketing spend had all been intended to go to paid advertising.  

“It turned out (my website) needed more work than I thought … On my end, I thought it looked great, but we could see from screenshots it wasn’t looking the same to Socius and (presumably) other people visiting the site,” Lentzke said. “But Socius wasn’t really pushing it, which I respected. I was the one who was pushing to see if there was any way we could get it done.” 

Doing his due diligence, Lentzke even started looking at other companies to see if they could do a website rebuild for less, but ultimately decided he really wanted Socius to “own it all.” 

The Solution 

According to Lentzke, what really solidified his trust in Socius, and what “drew him back” was the customer support he received. Specifically, First Coast Siding’s Socius Account Manager, Teresa Mastro, worked diligently within the budget limitations to ensure the success of the website relaunch. 

“You can tell she really cares, is passionate about what she wants to do, and just really wants to help,” Lentzke said, noting one weekend they emailed back and forth the entire weekend figuring out a way they could make a new website happen within his budget.  

“She knew my budget,” Lentkze said. “She reallocated funds that we’d budgeted for ad spend so we could rebuild the website, so I wasn’t spending more money at all. I don’t know how she did it, but she did.” 

The collaborative effort between Socius Marketing and First Coast Siding was marked by effective communication, strategic planning, and a shared commitment to achieving digital milestones while remaining budget-conscious. 

“I’d rather keep going to Socius for everything,” Lentzke said, “… I’m a believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket, but I also believe that if you find a company that you really enjoy working with, stick with it. And that’s what I did.” 


  • Leads and Campaign Success: The early stages of pay-per-click campaigns orchestrated by Socius have yielded promising results, even during the industry’s slow season. In just two months of working with Socius, First Coast Siding has more than doubled its monthly conversions. “I’m excited to see him continuing to grow,” Mastro said. “Even though his budget isn’t huge, he’s been making an ROI since starting with Socius.” 
  • Budget Optimization: Teresa’s commitment to understanding and optimizing the budget was a crucial factor in the success of the digital marketing initiatives.  
  • Website Relaunch: The launch of the revamped website promises more than a mere aesthetic upgrade. It signifies the establishment of a professional online presence with enhanced SEO capabilities and a user-friendly experience, contributing significantly to the overall digital success of First Coast Siding. 

Future Plans 

Now that the revamped website has been launched, Socius Marketing and First Coast Siding look ahead to a future of continued collaboration. In terms of what the next step in their digital strategy is going to be after that launch, Lentzke said he’s ready for “whatever Socius recommends” to continue towards sustained digital success in the dynamic construction and siding industry. 

“I’ve really had such a great experience,” Lentzke said of Socius’s service. “I’ve tried to find some sort of constructive feedback, but I can’t find any.” 

First Coast Siding

"I’m a believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket, but I also believe that if you find a company that you really enjoy working with, stick with it. And that’s what I did."

Chris Lentzke