Gathering Siding Leads: The Benefit of Using a Lead Gen Company 

Gathering Siding Leads: The Benefit of Using a Lead Gen Company 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

April 30, 2024

The U.S. siding market is currently worth $121.3 billion. Projected growth sits at 5% per year over the decade’s second half. Stats like these make the siding industry a pretty safe bet in terms of growing your business—if you know how. 

There are many growth factors to examine, but lead generation is one of the most impactful. Siding leads are essential for staying competitive in the industry. 

However, getting new sales leads is time-consuming. To generate leads yourself, you need to optimize your website and social media accounts. And, if you use paid advertising, you must manage your budget and track performance. 

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These DIY methods can give you leads. But you have to qualify them. This process helps you see if they are worth pursuing. If you don’t qualify leads, you may end up trying to sell to homeowners who are not interested in your services. 

One solution is to hire a lead generation company. Lead gen companies collect and filter leads for you. Then, they send you only qualified leads. These leads are people who have shown interest in siding installation services. 

Quick access to targeted leads lets you focus on sales and business operations. 

This article will look at what a lead generation company does. We will also explore the benefits they provide. Then, we will provide tips for finding the right lead gen partner for your siding business. 

What Does a Lead Gen Company Do? 

Lead generation companies act as an extension of your sales team. They won’t close deals for you, but they will provide you with contacts interested in siding services like yours.  

A lead gen company performs the following key functions: 

They Use Diverse Marketing Strategies.  

These include online ads, content marketing, and targeted outreach. These efforts help them find an audience that is actively considering siding projects. Many use multiple channels to find clients. This diversity ensures leads across many different demographics.  

They Perform Lead Qualification.  

Qualification is the process of deciding if a potential client is worth pursuing. Lead gen companies don’t hand off every contact. They use processes to ensure each lead fits your criteria.  

For example, they check homeownership status, project budget, and timeline. These qualified leads are more likely to convert to paid siding jobs. Socius has even partnered with sister company, EverConnect, to bring you qualified leads quickly via our Fast Start program as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

They Perform Industry-Specific Targeting.  

Lead generation companies go beyond generic marketing. They know the siding installation market’s needs well and can target homeowners who are likely considering siding replacements or upgrades. 

They Use Your Specific Parameters.  

You have an audience for your services in mind. Lead gen companies use that target to find leads that match your needs. They craft marketing materials that draw in your ideal customer. This narrower focus ensures they only attract leads interested in your specific services. 

They Vet Potential Clients.  

Their verification measures eliminate inaccurate contact information and other barriers. They also qualify leads based on key criteria, such as budget and project timeline. 

With siding leads from a lead gen company, you can skip the busywork of marketing. Instead, you can move directly to the sales process.  

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Benefits of Using a Lead Gen Company for Siding Leads 

It may be tempting to avoid the expense and handle lead generation yourself. However, think about the time and effort you’ll put into it. You could allocate that time to training your employees or managing customer relationships so they stick around. Time does equal money, after all.   

Lead generation companies save time but also bring several other benefits to your siding company. Here are six key advantages to consider: 

1. Results Tailored to Your Needs 

    Lead gen companies may work in specific industries, such as construction or home improvement. They can use specific factors to find the best leads for your business. For instance, they can qualify leads based on budget or type of siding. 

    2. Time Savings 

      A lead gen company streamlines your sales process. They handle the background work to find and qualify leads. This frees you to focus on core tasks, like closing sales. You will also have time to focus on project management and installations. 

      3. Cost-Effective Solutions 

        The upfront cost of a lead service may seem like an extra expense. But, it can be very cost-effective in the long run. Lead gen services generate targeted leads that have a higher conversion rate. If you convert these leads, you may end up spending less for each sale. 

        4. Outside Marketing Expertise 

          Lead gen companies have specialized marketing knowledge. They have experience in attracting qualified leads in specific industries. So, they also know which marketing avenues may lead to the best results for your unique company.  

          5. Data-Supported Decisions 

            Reputable lead generation companies provide clear reports and analytics. They let you track their campaign’s effectiveness using data. This transparency allows you to measure your return on investment. 

            6. Location-Based Results 

              Siding leads are only useful if they’re within your service area. Quality lead generation firms will only find leads near your location. Every lead you get is a realistic customer in your state or city.  

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              How You Can Start Generating Siding Leads Right Now 

              Success in today’s siding market requires maintaining a steady flow of good leads. A lead generation firm can help you find those pre-qualified leads. But, before starting this process, you must take several steps. 

              Here is how to get started finding a lead gen company:  

              Define Your Ideal Customer.  

              Before diving into lead generation, take a step back.  

              Start the process by defining your ideal customer profile. Consider factors like location, budget range, and desired project scope. Give this information to your lead gen partner to get more focused results. 

              Evaluate Lead Generation Companies.  

              Research lead generation companies specializing in the siding industry. Look for companies offering targeted lead programs. The programs should align with your budget and service offerings.  

              Consider factors like lead quality, verification processes, and customer support. 

              Define Your Budget.  

              Lead generation companies may require upfront payments. You should define how much you wish to spend.  

              This step will help you choose a service that fits your budget. Remember that lead gen companies may replace your current marketing expenses

              Find Out Who Receives the Leads.  

              Some lead generation companies sell the same leads to multiple contractors in the same area. This overlap can make it more difficult to close sales.  

              Find out if a lead generation company has this practice before contracting them.  

              Learn About Lead Generation Methods.  

              Learn about the techniques the company uses to generate leads. If you know how they work, you can ensure they employ ethical and effective methods.  

              Common practices include content marketing, email lists, social media interactions, SEO, or pay-per-click. 

              Refine Your Online Presence.  

              Make sure that your website is optimized for local searches. Ensure your social media accounts highlight your unique selling points. Verify that the text and brand speak to your target audience.  

              Prepare Your Sales Plan.  

              Once you have qualified leads in hand, you still need to make the final sales. Make sure you have a plan to convert as many of them as possible.  

              To see how Socius can help you with lead generation and other facets of marketing your siding company, schedule a chat with a representative today!