Site Speed, Core Web Vitals & SEO Holy Grail

Site Speed, Core Web Vitals & SEO Holy Grail

By Socius Staff

June 20, 2024

So, you wanna talk about page speed and Core Web Vitals? We’re here for you as experts on the topic.

Site Speed & SEO Resources

  • Site Speed & Core Web Vitals 101
  • Failed Core Web Vitals – Now What
  • Page Speed & SEO in Home Remodeling & Contractor Space

Site Speed Quick Points

  • Lightning-fast page speed alone is not a silver bullet to securing top search engine rankings.
  • Huge brands and well-ranking SMB websites can dominate top SERP positions and still fail Core Web Vitals.
  • Fixing every single issue flagged in a PageSpeed Insights report is probably a waste of development time and dollars because it won’t directly improve your site’s rankings.
  • A failed Core Web Vitals score does not mean that your site has a poor UX, in fact it could mean the opposite depending on your industry and searchers’ needs.
  • The #1 ranking factor for a website is relevance to search intent, not page speed.
  • Page speed as part of Page Experience, is considered a ranking factor by Google but they have considerably walked back the value of Core Web Vitals.

How we proactively design and develop websites with site speed in mind

  • Ongoing, agile development environment to continuously improve upon our optimized website themes
    • Our development and SEO teams make small updates monthly to our themes to ensure top notch performance
  • Audits of site and page experience metrics when performance indicators warrant a deeper dive
    • If you’ve lost traffic or rankings or leads – we’ll be looking at Core Web Vitals and the competitive landscape to see what needs to be done and if changes are warranted

Learn more about optimized website design process to determine if a website refresh can help you improve your SEO.