Page Speed Importance in SEO for Contractors & Home Remodelers

Page Speed Importance in SEO for Contractors & Home Remodelers

By Socius Staff

June 20, 2024

We’ve established that lightning-fast page speed alone is not a silver bullet to securing top search engine rankings, but what role should it play in your SEO strategy if you’re in the home improvement space?

SEO Best Practices for Home Remodelers & Contractors

In general, homeowners searching online for home improvement resources or contractors to work with are looking for a few things:

  • Confirmation that they offer the services you need
  • Positive reviews to reinforce their decision to work with that company
  • Clearly outlined answers to their questions about the service and what they can expect
  • An easy way to contact and engage with the company of their choice

When you’re working in a home remodeling space, the homeowner’s needs will expand to seeing inspirational design photos, real examples of before and after photos, and testimonials from other customers. Large, detailed and professional photo galleries are a must-have for these searchers and not including these features in your website can hurt your conversion rate. It’s a missed opportunity to showcase your work and snag some ohs and ahs.

On the other hand, large eye-catching imagery, video graphics and galleries on your site are pretty much guaranteed to earn you a failing Core Web Vitals score. Is that a reason not to include these features on your site? No – and let’s explore why.

Site Speed & SEO for Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors Atlanta SERPs

  1. GAF Roofing  – CWV Score: Fail
  2. BBB Atlanta Roofing Contractors – CWV Score: Pass
  3. Atlanta Roofing Specialists – CWV Score:  Pass
  4. Colony Roofers – CWV Score: Fail
  5. RST Roofing & Renovations Blog Post – CWV Score: Fail
  6. Bell Roofing – CWV Score: Inconclusive, Pass 

What this SEO & Site Speed Case Study shows us

There is no direct correlation between CWV scores and a site’s ability to outrank another. This organic SERP landscape shows that GAF’s domain authority and site architecture is likely driving it’s position. In this instance, it’s not even about the searcher’s intent. GAF is a manufacturer, and the search query intent is likely to find a company to replace your roof, which GAF is not. The BBB page does match the user’s search intent and they DO pass CWVs, but still can’t compete with the manufacturer’s site.

Below the BBB page, is when you get into local, Atlanta roofing contractors. The first page does pass CWVs, but the following three are a mix, which tells us there isn’t conclusive evidence that page speed alone is the golden ticket to securing that coveted #1 spot in search results.

So, if you are a roofing contractor or home remodeling company, how do you go to battle against the big dogs?

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