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The dental implant industry in the US was valued at more than $4 billion in 2022, with an annual growth estimate of nearly 10% annually through 2030. If you own a specialty dental implant practice, you’ve likely felt the pressure to keep up.

Despite the large dental implant market share, the competition can be overwhelming when trying to attract dental implant patients. You’ve got to hustle to provide dental patients with customized and lifelong solutions — you need a digital marketing expert that can do the same for your business.

At Socius Marketing, our dedicated team understands the dental implant marketing strategies you need to increase patient acquisition.

Why You Should Work with a Dental Implant Marketing Agency

Dental implant marketing is only as effective as the strategy it’s built on. At Socius Marketing, we evaluate your services, target audience, and budget to curate a top-to-bottom strategy that prioritizes brand awareness and lead generation.

Here’s our process for building your custom dental implant marketing campaign:

  1. Evaluate and audit your existing digital assets, including websites, blogs, ad campaigns, and social media posts.
  2. Discuss your business goals, including leads, volume, patient retention, and expansion of your practice. We also help identify key performance indicators we can measure as we launch your strategy.
  3. Establish what long-term success looks like, including growth metrics, revenue targets, and patient engagement using various digital marketing assets.

Whether you’re trying to recruit new patients to your practice, retain current ones, or both, our marketing efforts are based on years of market research and experience in your domain.

A Custom-fit Dental Implant Marketing Strategy

You aren’t a one-size-fits-all dental practice, and Socius Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all marketing agency. We develop custom marketing plans with key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive toward your long-term goals. Once your digital marketing strategy launches, we reevaluate and adjust targets to optimize your marketing budget and stay competitive.

Here are a few digital marketing solutions we offer our dental implant clients to make them stand out from the competition:

With the right digital marketing solutions, all aspects of your online presence and marketing efforts position your dental implant practice as a local market leader while delivering the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

As we execute your custom marketing plan to achieve your business goals, we also deliver valuable reports so you can see how you’re meeting your targets.

Our Dental Implant Websites Shine a Light on Your Practice

Your website is one of your most essential patient touchpoints. It’s how potential patients learn about your dental implant practice and decide if your dental implant procedures and patient approach are right for them. It’s also how your existing patients will find new service offerings and information about maintaining dental implants.

Socius Marketing’s website design services are customizable for dental implant practices of any size. We can build you a modern website that embodies your brand and puts your business goals in the front seat. The agile framework we build upon can pivot as your brand and business goals grow and change.

Here are the key features of our custom websites:

  • Strategic calls to action (CTA) throughout to encourage patients to request a consultation
  • Educational and informative content that keeps clients engaged
  • Placement of positive 5-star patient reviews to boost your reputation and SEO rank
  • Webpage optimization for mobile search and user experience
  • A personalized “About Us” page to help connect with clients and tell your brand’s unique story

With a professional website, your dental implant practice will be more visible on local searches — which means more prospective patients will find you and put appointments on your calendar.

Our Dental Implants SEO Results Will Make You Smile

Before your website goes live, our experienced marketing team uses the latest search engine optimization (SEO) science and best practices to ensure your site has the greatest chance of ranking. With our team in your pocket, your site can attract, engage, and convert leads quickly.

Here are a few techniques we use to optimize your marketing for SEO:

  • Research the keywords that will bring you the most qualified leads
  • Use unique, engaging blog titles that include your target keywords
  • Fill in website and blog metadata
  • Use header tags and alt image text
  • Develop backlinks from reputable sources
  • Produce regular, value-rich content


As your business grows, our dental implant SEO campaigns scale so you can maintain your existing spot in the search engine results page (SERP) while ranking for additional keywords that will drive leads to new specialties and services. We’ll help you reach your next growth stage, no matter how you define it.

Other Dental Implant Advertising Solutions

PPC for Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implant advertising solutions like paid media can increase website traffic beyond your organic SEO efforts.

With our Google Premier Partnership, we receive ongoing updates on industry best practices for PPC campaigns. When we run Google search ads for dental implant services, we use this insight (and our years of experience) to keep you ahead of the competition.

And Google isn’t the only paid advertising platform in our PPC toolbox. We also use social media PPC to run ads across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Our team will help you identify which platforms and types of ads will give you the highest ROI against your marketing budget.

Social Media Marketing for Dental Implant Practices

To increase your brand awareness and showcase your specialty dental implant solutions, you need to be on social media. But we recommend being strategic about which platforms you spend your time on. Our team helps you select the ones with the most potential and then optimizes one, two, or several of them.

Maybe not everyone uses social media to find dental providers, but it’s still prime real estate to get your business in front of potential patients and initiate a conversation. We use a full suite of marketing tools — organic social media, engaging content, paid ads, and brand management — to help you reach your audience.

Connect with Our Dental Implant Marketing Company

We know you approach each patient with a custom dental implant solution for natural and long-lasting results. When building a marketing plan for your dental implant practice, you, too, deserve a customized digital marketing solution to meet your long-term business goals.

Let the dental implant marketing specialists at Socius Marketing evaluate, develop and implement your marketing plan. We’ll focus on growing your practice while you focus on delivering high-quality dental implants and sharing your dental expertise with your community.

Book a call with one of our digital marketing experts to learn how we can help with your dental implant practice today!

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