The Benefits of Dental Memberships for Patients and Practices 

The Benefits of Dental Memberships for Patients and Practices 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

January 17, 2023

In this third and final installment of a three-part series (watch Part One and Part Two here), Socius’ Director of Healthcare Sales, Ted Kozel spoke to Eric Dawe, VP of Business Development and founding partner of Dental HQ. 

Eric and Ted discussed the ins and outs of dental memberships and how they are an effective way for dental practices to provide quality care at an affordable price while also creating loyalty with your customers. They covered a lot of ground, but we’ve rounded up some of the highlights of their conversation for you in this article.  

Creating Loyalty Through Affordable Dental Memberships 

Dental memberships have become an increasingly popular way to provide care and manage costs for patients. With a membership plan, patients can get access to preventive care services like cleanings and check-ups at a discounted rate.  

By offering the convenience of monthly or annual payment plans, these memberships also create loyalty among patients and help dental practices increase retention rates. 

The memberships also offer transparency in pricing and allow dentists to determine their own reimbursement rates. This provides patients with the assurance that they know exactly what they’re getting and how much they are paying for it.  

Furthermore, membership plans can include discounts on larger treatments such as implants or dentures which may encourage patients to stay with the practice for a longer period of time. 

Finding the Right Dental Membership Plan for Your Practice 

For practices looking to adopt memberships, Eric said it is important to consider the features and benefits offered by each plan. Automation of payments, reminders, and reporting are essential components of any successful membership platform.  

Additionally, look for ways in which the platform can help you acquire new members or market your services to patients. 

The benefits of dental memberships go beyond the patient’s oral health. Practices that offer memberships can benefit from improved customer service, increased patient satisfaction, and increased revenue. It’s important to consider these factors, as well, when considering which membership plan will be most attractive to your potential patients.  

Watch the Webinar 

Dental memberships offer a variety of benefits, including better access to preventive and restorative dental care, improved dental health, and peace of mind knowing they are receiving quality care at an affordable price. 

If you are interested in learning how to successfully leverage memberships for your dental practice, or you simply want to maximize your profits, watch the rest of Eric and Ted’s conversation now.  

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