How Do We Use SEO to Compete in the AI Content Creation Era?

How Do We Use SEO to Compete in the AI Content Creation Era?

By Sara Meier

November 7, 2023

They say the only constant is change, and that statement is as equally true in life as it is with digital marketing and SEO. Historically, developing a local SEO strategy was straightforward. Tactics included:

  • Developing locally-specific content pages targeting specific geo-modified search queries for all markets and services
  • Setting up your service areas and optimized GBP profiles

But the times, they are a-changin’. Back in the day, many local markets were virtually untapped SEO landscapes and this level of work could set you up for success. But that’s not the world we’re living in anymore. 

Today, you have to go beyond just spinning up local product and service pages and take a more holistic approach to building local SEO strategies. Your results depend just as much on keyword research as they do on providing helpful content to your readers.

Generate Helpful Content Based on Search Intent

Content requirements will vary depending on the topic or market being targeted. The content creation process is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. Different local markets will require different levels of content specificity. 

For example, more competitive local SEO markets like Chicago or Miami are going to require longer form content to compete and the domain itself will likely need to have higher authority to rank across the wider landscape. Smaller, rural markets will naturally have less competition and they won’t have to fight as hard for those top spots in organic listings and the map section.  

Conducting a competitive analysis by market and product will give you the insights needed to develop a strategic content brief that supports your content topic and related keywords. This type of analysis and keyword research ensures that you’re covering the right topics and getting as granular as necessary to create unique content that will be helpful to searchers — and ultimately convert them into customers. 

Why is the content landscape more competitive now?

  • More small to medium-sized businesses are investing in search engine optimization and getting comfortable with using local SEO tools like Google Search Console
  • More businesses in the local SEO market
  • Wider use of mass content generation due to the rise of AI content creation tools like ChatGPT, which utilize advanced natural language processing techniques
  • Search engines’ algorithm updates and focus on helpful content (regardless of whether it is AI-generated content)

Examples of a holistic local SEO (search engine optimization) content strategy

  • Content pruning and topic expansions to produce truly helpful content, avoiding cannibalization and low-value, doorway pages
  • Integrated optimizations to GBP profiles with review generation
  • Implementing trust signals within content
  • Implementing local search signals within content
  • Competitive analysis of content needs and topics to cover in addition to keywords to target and content length/depth, using Google Search Console keywords’ performance as a guide
  • Using AI content creation tools like ChatGPT to assist with research, trend analysis, and topic generation, but still relying on human-generated content to create unique, POV content

Content types & focusing on keyword research

Supplementing local content pages with related articles and resources will help boost your authority and also present quality internal linking opportunities. 

For instance, if a home remodeling company specializes in roof replacements and storm remediation in South Florida, part of the local strategy could be creating supplementary a blog post focused on post-hurricane recovery stories and testimonials, hurricane season preparedness checklists and warning signs, along with data about roof material strength needed in that specific market.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this kind of in-depth content work yourself. We can do that for you.

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