Top 5 Orthopedic Marketing Ideas To Build and Grow Your Practice 

Top 5 Orthopedic Marketing Ideas To Build and Grow Your Practice 

By Socius Staff

August 1, 2023

The most effective marketing ideas for your orthopedic practice 

Orthopedic procedures are intricate and complex. When a prospective client begins searching for a provider like you to solve issues with pain or mobility, they can easily get lost in a sea of diagnoses, treatments, and medical jargon. In this new age of healthcare providers, digital and traditional marketing must be used to have a good client experience.

This is why it is so important for you to invest in your online presence. A well-structured, informative website bolstered with targeted orthopedic digital marketing ideas will bring clients directly to you. Using human interest stories, online scheduling, and content marketing, your patient experience will be positive.

But most practice managers are doctors or surgeons — not marketers. That’s where we can help. Keep reading for five orthopedic marketing ideas that will help you build a marketing machine that increases your client flow. These digital advertising and SEO strategies will highlight client satisfaction and appear on search engine rankings and other reputable websites if done correctly.

Top 5 Orthopedic Marketing Ideas 

Orthopedic Marketing Idea #1: Build a Custom Website 

Three out of five people choose a provider based on the strength of their online presence. The reality of today’s world is that if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. A custom website with professional, client-focused copy will ensure that potential clients find your medical practices and gain confidence in your expertise in orthopedic services. Using a mix of local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and targeted ads will attract people to your practice website and orthopedic surgery practice.

Here are five important topics your website needs to communicate: 

  1. Your education, licenses, skills, experience, and philosophy as an orthopedic doctor and orthopedic surgeon.
  2. Your unique selling proposition (what makes you the right choice over other providers?) 
  3. The operations, procedures, and consultations you offer: sports medicine, primary care physician services, or joint replacement.  
  4. The goals you achieve for your clients (how do your skills make their life easier/better/happier after visiting your orthopedic clinics?)
  5. Your location and how and when they can contact you or book a consultation (43% of clients prefer to book online, ensure that you have a presence for your orthopedic practice online) 

While it’s possible to piece together a website on your own, using drag-and-drop tools, you open yourself up to potential missed opportunities.

Do you know how to configure your website so it loads quickly, prioritizes the most relevant information, and attracts search engines? Client engagement comes from video content, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media ads, and Google AdWords. Having their personal interests readily available and being able to answer frequently asked questions is key to attracting clients from the first and second largest search engine.

You should have a simple way to have clients access appointment reminders, orthopedic devices your orthopedic practices use, and create a Google Business Profile. All of these being incorporated into your orthopedic marketing services will pay off as your digital marketing strategies.  

Using a custom website provider with back- and front-end design, professional copywriting, and SEO skills ensures that your website accomplishes all of these goals so you can find new clients. 

Orthopedic Marketing Idea #2: Web Content and SEO, Get Involved in Digital Marketing

An SEO-optimized website is the first step to getting the attention of search engines. But on its own, it’s not enough. Do you know what search engines love? Fresh, relevant, up-to-date content. Knowing your orthopedic advertising geofencing strategies will have a positive effect on content marketing and ad campaigns. You ideally want your orthopedic website to be the first of the landing pages that someone seeking orthopedic care would encounter.

Because orthopedics is a dynamic field of change and innovation, a blog is an ideal way to accomplish several objectives: 

  • Share important information that clients should know before and after a procedure 
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience as a provider 
  • Give potential clients more opportunities to find you online 
  • Improve your website’s ranking in organic search results 

Many great online resources will teach you the basics of blog writing and SEO to get you started. However, most orthopedic practices struggle to find time to complete SEO training, write and proofread articles, and publish them on a regular cadence. Making use of a marketing strategy and appearing on search results will show up well on Google AdWords and practice growth in client satisfaction.

Consider enlisting the help of a marketing agency like Socius instead. With a staff of writers and SEO specialists who understand how to write compelling, targeted, optimized content, your blog can essentially become a content machine that runs in the background while you do the important work of treating clients at your orthopedic practices. 

Orthopedic Marketing Idea #3: Use Paid Media 

Organic search is only one piece of a digital marketing strategy. To make sure your orthopedic practice is on the radar of the local population, you need to invest in paid media as a part of your orthopedic marketing strategy. 

Paid media is a marketing tactic where you purchase keywords and ad space that put you at the top of the first page of search results. This is known as search engine optimization, and this is very important in your orthopedic marketing campaigns. Correct strategies will lead to client acquisition and targeted Google Ads that point prospective clients to your orthopedic surgeons.

Here are the tactics marketing professionals use to maximize the results of paid campaigns, or PPC ads:

  • Research: Identify the keywords the target audience uses most frequently, this will rank your orthopedic surgery higher on the search engine.
  • Validation: Determine the keywords that have optimal volume, competitiveness, and cost. Avoid negative keywords.
  • Experimentation: Run ads at volumes that are statistically significant, but a reasonable investment for your potential clients. 
  • Launch: Use the research and experimentation data to use the paid media budget for maximum results. Factor in Google Ads, social media advertising, and video marketing into your orthopedic marketing strategies.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Having a website that is easily accessible from mobile devices is a good way to practice growth for your orthopedic practice.

Paid ads have a ton of potential to generate new clients. If they are executed strategically. Without a plan in place, they can easily become a financial black hole so be sure to use marketing agencies and consultants to get the most bang for your buck. Search engine optimization is very effective when paired with your orthopedic marketing strategy.

Orthopedic Marketing Idea #4: Leverage Social Media to Highlight Your Orthopedic Practice

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with social media. It contains a whirlwind of misinformation and drama. But it is also one of the most common places people seek out a medical provider. This accessibility is key to gaining patient loyalty and attracting more clients to your orthopedic surgeons.

Most orthopedic providers know how to create a social media account and post updates; many do not have the time to optimize their use of social media to generate more patients. Prospective clients look for an orthopedic surgeon with a digital presence to advertise their orthopedic care.  

Using a marketing agency gives you a consistent social media presence by:  

  • Setting up your online profiles so they are informative and attractive 
  • Building your base of followers so the right people see your posts, you want people who are actively looking into your services, like a hip replacement and finding an orthopedic practice to look into.
  • Creating engaging posts that clients with orthopedic issues want to read 
  • Posting on a regular cadence — 3-5 times a week — so your practice is top-of-mind 
  • Responding to direct messages quickly and accurately, encouraging potential clients to schedule a consultation 

With an agency to execute these orthopedic social media marketing ideas, your marketing will go from pain to gain – and you never even have to log in. 

Orthopedic Marketing Idea #5: Curate Online Reviews to Promote Orthopedic Surgeons

Anyone who owns a business recognizes that online reviews don’t always paint an accurate picture of a business. Despite this reality, 86% of future patients read online reviews while considering a new doctor. 

Many orthopedic practice leaders assume that reviews can’t be controlled — they are public, after all. 

This is not true. Our Socius marketing team sets up an automated system for each of our clients to curate, respond to, and post online reviews. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Integrate our system with your CRM 
  2. Send automated review requests to your customers 
  3. Respond to negative reviews and attempt to resolve them before the client posts them online 
  4. Publish positive reviews to your website and Google search results 
  5. Attract more of the right clients 

Successful Orthopedic Marketing Ideas Take Commitment 

The time to start implementing these orthopedic marketing strategies is today. With a little bit of work, commitment, and help from an agency like Socius, your orthopedic practice will have a thriving digital presence and a steady flow of new clients. 

Schedule a consultation, and we’ll talk about how to maximize your existing online marketing strategies — and create some new marketing streams.