Marketing Windows and Doors in a Digital World 

Marketing Windows and Doors in a Digital World 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

February 28, 2023

As a window and door company, you need one thing over all else: new customers.  

It is likely you’re engaging in important local digital marketing activities like sending direct mail ads, delivering flyers, partnering with other businesses, and asking for referrals to build your customer base. 

These are all really important activities for marketing your window and door company. But they aren’t enough. 

Did you know? 

  • 88% of people who search for a local business on their mobile phone visit or call the business within 24 hours. 
  • 97% of people use more online resources to learn about a business than anything else 
  • 92% of searchers pick a business from the first page of search results 

 (Source: SEO Tribunal

This includes your potential customers. If you want to spend your budget on effective marketing campaigns that produce leads, you need to use your marketing budget for solutions tailored to the window and door industry. 

Here are five strategies you can use to get started today. 

5 Digital Strategies for Marketing Windows and Doors 

As the bullets above mention, the first place people often go to learn about local window and door companies are the Google search engine result pages. So your first job when looking for new customers is to be there — ideally on the first page of search results. 

To do that, you’ll need a website. And to keep them on your website and sell them your services, you’ll need a custom website

Marketing Windows and Doors with a Customized Website 

While drag-and-drop tools like Wix or GoDaddy can enable you to build a basic website, they can only deliver basic results. You’ll have a website, but you won’t necessarily have a window and door website people can find, navigate, and understand. You’ll need a custom website built by a partner who understands SEO, user experience design, and web tools and integrations to show up on page one of the search results.  

Here are some important qualities your website should have: 

  • User-focused design that makes it easy for your customers to navigate 
  • Mobile-friendly interface they can access from mobile devices including phones and tablets  
  • Strong storytelling that helps them understand who you are and where your company came from 
  • Consistent calls-to-action so they know how to reach you 
  • Professional SEO optimization so Google prioritizes your site in search results 
  • Personalized content that increases conversions or displays products and services based on a visitor’s location who is searching for window and door contractors 

These elements will give you a site that represents your brand and the values you stand for. It will local prospects the products and services you offer, the way you deliver them, and how to contact you to purchase.   

We know you show up every day for your customers. Now it’s time to show up online every day too. 

Marketing Windows and Doors with SEO-optimized Content 

Now that you have a custom website, you need to expand your online presence. Publishing website and blog content is a great way to get marketing traction out of your window and door website. Fresh, relevant content not only informs and educates your visitors but also increases your website’s SEO value — and Google loves that. 

Some home improvement companies just sprinkle keywords across their website and hope the search engines are satisfied. But SEO is much more complicated than that. Consider engaging an SEO partner for this part of your windows and doors marketing strategy.  

An experienced digital marketing partner can help you build performance-focused SEO campaigns, blog and web content, referral links, and other important content that will give you great exposure in the digital sphere. 

Marketing Windows and Doors with Paid Media & PPC 

What many companies doing windows and doors marketing don’t know is that Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. That’s a lot of eyeballs. And if you get your messaging and keyword targeting right, a good chunk of those people will be local people looking for window and door companies just like yours. 

Pay-per-click advertising and display ads put your company at the top of the search results for keywords your target audience is searching for. You have the option of paying for impressions or paying for clicks, depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your strategy. Your digital marketing partner can help you decide on the right strategy.   

The overall goal is to bring visitors to your website who wouldn’t have found it with a standard Google search.  

Paid media and PPC come with a bit of a higher cost, but it is often justified by the acquisition of new paying customers. 

Marketing Windows and Doors with Social Media 

Social media is on the list of modern marketing tools that we all love to hate. But for local businesses like yours, it is essential to increase sales and find new customers online. 

The challenge, of course, is that social media requires two things: 

  • Consistency 
  • Creativity 

Both of which require time.  

The most successful window and door companies post on social media at least three to five times per week and create content that is interesting and engaging for their target audience. This ensures their organization is top-of-mind when people window and door companies. 

Call it a necessary evil, but social media is an important part of your digital marketing strategy and will increase online visibility and SEO value. In addition, you’ll create trust, engagement, and brand loyalty…all of which result in more leads. 

Marketing Windows and Doors with Review Canvassing 

Local window and door companies can gain a lot of traction in the market with positive online reviews. Asking customers to leave a review after they’ve received your services is a great start, but only a small percentage of them will take the time to do it — and there’s no guarantee their review will be positive. 

Building a review canvassing strategy adds structure and automation to the review process. Imagine this series of events: 

  1. Your CRM system sends an automated email to a customer asking for feedback and a rating of their experience after a service has been delivered.  
  1. When the customer responds, you are notified of their positive or negative experience. 
  1. If it’s a good experience, you can publish it on your website or a public review board. 
  1. If it’s a negative experience, you can give them a call or respond to them via email or text to discuss the issue and resolve it before they leave a public negative review. 

Engaging a partner to help implement a system like this will give you hours back in your day so you can focus on running your business. 

Marketing Windows and Doors: Leveling Up 

By implementing these five strategies, you can create a strong, trusted, engaging online presence that generates leads for your business. Marketing windows and doors is not easy, but with a little direction and effort, you can get ahead of your competition. 

Ready to take advantage of these marketing ideas? Socius Marketing specializes in window and door company marketing. We are experts in the home improvement market and will craft a winning long-term strategy for your window and door company.    

Schedule a consultation, and we’ll talk about how to maximize your existing lead generation sources — and how to create some new ones.