Using SEO To Generate More Remodeling Leads 

Using SEO To Generate More Remodeling Leads 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

March 5, 2024

Are you looking for more remodeling leads but not sure where to start? 

In today’s digital world, getting noticed online is vital. This article will explain how SEO can be your key to success. 

First, we’ll break down what SEO is and how it works. Then, we’ll dive into how SEO can bring more remodeling leads to your business. 

Finally, we’ll give you practical tips to start using SEO today. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear plan to boost your online presence and attract more customers organically. 

What Is SEO? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s an organic way to make your website easier to find online. 

Here are the primary components of an SEO strategy: 


Think about what words and phrases people would use to search online for remodeling services. These are your keywords. You want to include these words on your website so that when people search for them, your website appears in their results. 

On-Page SEO 

This means making your website’s pages appeal to search engines like Google. Use your keywords in high-profile places, like page titles, headings, and text. Also, make sure your website communicates clearly about what you do. 

Off-Site SEO 

This type of SEO is about making connections with other websites. When other websites link to your site, it’s like getting outside confirmation of your credibility. Search engines see these as a thumbs-up and know your site is trustworthy. 

Technical SEO 

This part deals with your site’s functionality. It should load fast and be easily used on computers, phones, and other devices. Above all, it should be secure. This makes both search engines and potential customers happy. 

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By using each of these components, you help search engines understand your website. When they understand your site, they can show it to the right audience looking for remodeling services. This means more potential leads for your business. 

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Using SEO to Generate More Remodeling Leads 

SEO can help you find more people who want to remodel their homes, a.k.a remodeling leads. The first step is finding the words they use when searching online. This is called keyword research. 

Carefully consider what people type into Google when they want to remodel their home and how they match up with your services. 

Words like “kitchen remodel” or “bathroom makeover” might be used. If these are services you offer, you want to identify these phrases and use them on your website. 

Here’s an example: 

When someone types “best kitchen remodel ideas” into Google, the search engine looks for websites that use those same words. 

Google wants to provide the best service to its users. So, the search engine algorithm looks for “helpful, reliable, people-first content” to display in its results. 

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If your website discusses kitchen remodel ideas and uses those words, Google might show your site as a good answer. 

The closer to the top of search results your site appears, the more likely people are to click on it. 

But here’s the catch. Without proper SEO, Google might misunderstand your website. 

You might start ranking highly for the wrong keywords—those that are irrelevant to your target audience. 

For example, if you do bathroom renovations, there’s no point ranking highly for plumbing repair. 

Even more nuanced is search intent. Some keywords indicate a searcher is ready to buy, making them a high-quality lead. Others suggest they’re just browsing, making them lower-quality leads. 

That’s why you need to conduct thorough keyword research and optimize your site accordingly. Only then can you attract the right kind of leads. We’ll talk more about how to do this a little further on. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of keyword research, you’re ready to try these lead-generating SEO strategies: 

Use High-Intent Keywords.

What it means: High-intent keywords are words people use when they’re ready to take action, like “hire bathroom remodeler” or “kitchen remodel cost.” 

How it works: Use these words on your website, especially in titles, headings, and the main text, to attract those warm leads. 

Why it’s effective: When potential leads search using these words, they’re usually ready to start a project. If they find your site, they’re more likely to contact you and convert to a customer. 

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Create Quality Content. 

What it means: Valuable content could include helpful articles or guides about remodeling that answer people’s most common questions or provide inspiration for their project. You can write them yourself or outsource your ideas to a professional. 

How it works: Imagine what your customers might want to know and create content that provides that information. For example, “How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor” or “10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas.” 

Why it’s effective: Informative content helps people trust your expertise. When they trust you, they’re more likely to choose your business for their remodel. 

Focus on Local SEO. 

What it means: Local SEO means using localized keywords to ensure people in your service area can find you online. Without them, you might be attracting leads from too far away to be any good. 

How it works: Use local keywords like “remodeling services in [Your City].” Also, make sure your address and phone number are easy to find on your website. Including location-specific content helps as well.  

Why it’s effective: Homeowners looking for remodeling services want someone nearby. Local SEO helps these local leads find you. 

Make Your Website Responsive. 

What it means: Responsive design means your website adapts well to different-sized platforms like phones, tablets, and computers. 

How it works: When someone visits your site, it should look good and be easy to use—no matter what device they use. If the copy is too small, or they have to scroll side-to-side to read it, they may get frustrated and move on. 

Why it’s effective: More and more people use their phones to search online. Enough that many website designers now take a mobile-first approach.  

In fact, 63% of searches in the U.S. are mobile-based. If your site is easy to use on a phone, people are more likely to stay and read about your services and become high-quality leads. 

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Claim and Update Your Google Business Profile. 

What it means: Your Google Business Profile is a free listing on Google that shows your business information in search results and on Google Maps. 

How it works: Ensure your business profile has your correct name, address, and phone number. Complete every field, if possible, and keep them updated. Add photos and ask happy customers to leave reviews. 

Why it’s effective: When people search for remodeling services, Google might show your business profile. A good profile with positive reviews can make people more likely to contact you, garnering more quality leads. 

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How You Can Start Using SEO to Generate More Remodeling Leads Right Now 

Ready to let SEO work for you and secure more quality remodeling leads? Here are some steps you can take right now: 

Start Researching Keywords.  

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find words people use when looking for remodeling services. Look for words and phrases that match what you offer. 

List High-Priority Keywords.  

Make a list of keywords that are both very relevant to your services and that many people search for. These are your high-priority keywords. Use them in important places on your site, such as titles, headings, and the first paragraphs of your pages. 

Audit Your Website.  

Check how fast your website loads with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. A fast site is better for SEO. Also, check your site performance on phones and tablets. You can check this by opening your site on different devices. 

Build Outside Links.  

Invite other reputable sites to link to yours. Reach out to suppliers, local news sites, directories, or home improvement blogs. Links from other sites can help improve your SEO. 

The Takeaway

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