5 Lawn Care Marketing Ideas to Reach Your Prospects Where They Are 

5 Lawn Care Marketing Ideas to Reach Your Prospects Where They Are 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

August 15, 2023

Get More Leads With Our Top 5 Lawn Care Marketing Ideas  

Lawn care marketing is a mixed bag. You might think your lawn care services have covered all the bases. You’ve left flyers at local garden centers, you’ve painted signage on your trucks, you’ve dropped mailers around target neighborhoods, and you’ve asked current clients for recommendations. 

But for commuters who leave their homes daily at sunup and return after dark, your lawn care company may be invisible. An ever-increasing number of people spend much of their time online for work and personal reasons. And catching them online is far easier than trying to catch them at home. Lawn care postcards and door hangers are less effective than using tactics like email marketing, paid campaigns, and social media to target potential clients.

Did you know …

If you’re not engaging these existing customers and potential clients with at least a part of your marketing budget, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s why you must invest in digital marketing for your lawn care company. Lawn care marketing can transform your landscaping business and target your ideal customer and service area with an appropriate marketing strategy.

Here are five lawn care marketing strategies to get your business in front of prospective customers online.

5 Digital Strategies for Marketing Lawn Care Businesses

Marketing Your Lawn Care Business with a Customized Website 

If you aim to appear on the first page of the search results, you need a website. And not just any website. You need a professionally designed, carefully thought-out website for your landscaping company that is: 

  • Optimized for search engines 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Packed with useful information personalized to visitors based on their location 
  • Calculated to encourage conversion 

The kind of functionality you need from your website can’t be achieved at your kitchen table with an off-the-shelf DIY web creation tool. That’ll get you a basic online brochure that looks like any other standard website. But to feature prominently in Google searches, bring the right prospects to your site, and keep them there long enough to sell your services, you’ll need a custom website built exclusively for your business. Having a centralized website for all landscaping business needs can include lawn care ads, referral programs, a local community forum, testimonials from current customers, and a place to have information on lawn care tips. Get in touch with your local chamber and community to have superior lawn care services.

Marketing Lawn Care with Web Content and SEO 

It used to be that search engine optimization was just about identifying appropriate keywords for a target audience and stuffing those keywords into website pages and blog posts. These will optimize your marketing strategies, target potential customers, and create a successful referral program if used correctly.

Experts now recognize that once prospects reach a website recommended on the search engine results page (SERP), they expect to find quality content that entertains, educates, and engages. As such, the digital marketing discipline has moved beyond mere keywords to performance-centered SEO strategies that combine SEO — both technical and local — with link building and the ongoing development of fresh, relevant content that prospects love. This will encourage customers to click on your marketing strategies and check out your lawn care advertising ideas with properly used search engine optimization.

Digital marketing is now more complex — and more exciting. Working with a professional digital marketing partner, you can increase the SEO value of your website and create quality content at the same time. That means Google’s happy — and rewards you with more search visibility — and your prospects are happy and more inclined to do business with you. Having multiple marketing channels can include email marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, social media pages, direct mail marketing, and Google business listing.

Marketing Lawn Care with Paid Media 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy that works in tandem with SEO, boosting your company’s visibility on search pages with paid and display ads designed to increase traffic to your site, a pay-per-click essentially. 

Essentially what happens with paid media is that when someone completes an online search using terms related to one of your keywords, your ad is placed at the top of the search results — and you pay the search engine based on how many impressions or clicks you want from that ad. This is an exceptional marketing tool to target your ideal customer, even outside your intended service area. Other marketing mediums are also effective, but including this strategy in your marketing plan is a way to connect satisfied customers, commercial clients, and potential customers to your website.

Because you can place paid ads across the entire Google Display Network, which includes YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Images amongst others, you can target your best prospects wherever they are — and when you’re looking your best. Direct mail campaigns and lawn care flyers are still appropriate marketing mediums but are less effective than digital channels for a lawn care business. We still recommend allocating some funds towards local newspapers and a business card to continue a physical presence.

Paid media is not cheap but with the right advice regarding keywords, ad formats, and messaging, your financial outlay will pay dividends that outweigh the cost. That’s because you’ll attract visitors who wouldn’t have noticed your website with a standard Google search. Positive reviews and social media campaigns are a good way to optimize your lawn maintenance company’s search engine rankings.

Marketing Lawn Care with Social Media 

Love it or hate it, social media plays a fundamental role in any digital marketing strategy even in the lawn care industry. And for businesses looking to attract prospects in their local area, it’s an ideal medium for geographically-targeted promotional campaigns and community building using these marketing materials. Local businesses can interact with social media marketing and join local trade associations with a good social media presence.

By their nature, social media channels are also an excellent medium through which to establish brand familiarity and build credibility — especially through positive customer reviews, which we discuss in the next section. Having a lawn care business with a lawn care website will make sure for happy customers and a good way to get online reviews in the area of local businesses.

Marketing Lawn Care with Customer Reviews 

Many people are short of time and pressed to solve lawn care problems as quickly and easily as possible. For these folks, customer reviews are gold. If you take any of these marketing tips, ensure your lawn care business takes advantage of current customer reviews.

In fact, a positive customer review could be the clincher that causes them to decide to go with your company. That’s why collecting and publishing reviews should be a non-negotiable element of your digital marketing strategy. This helps attract people to your landscaping services over a competitor’s lawn care companies.

But curating online reviews manually is a massive time suck that doesn’t always pay off. Read this article to learn how you can automate the review process and get it running like clockwork. 

Marketing Lawn Care: Putting It All Together 

Used together, the five lawn care marketing ideas described here can help your company become visible to the prospects who most need your services. If you’re ready to dive in, the Socius Marketing team is ready and waiting to make it happen for you. Your lawn care will be the highlight of landscaping services.

Schedule a consultation, and we’ll talk about how to maximize your existing lead generation sources — and create a powerhouse of new ones, including a Google business profile and lawn care service marketing ideas.