Google is Shutting Down Business Profile Websites – Here’s What You Need To Know

Google is Shutting Down Business Profile Websites – Here’s What You Need To Know

By Jocelyn Van Saun

January 16, 2024

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, change is the only constant. Recently, Google announced that on March 1, 2024, they’ll discontinue Google Business Profiles Websites, a change that’s set to impact businesses utilizing the platform as their website builder.  

As a trusted partner in your digital journey, Socius Marketing is here to guide you through the transitions and ensure your online presence remains robust. 

Understanding the Shift 

Come March, customers attempting to visit your Google Business Profile Website will be automatically redirected to your Business Profile until June 10 after which visitors will encounter a “page not found” error. 

The closure of Google Business Profiles Websites is particularly significant for Google Domains customers who used this service to create their basic websites. If you’ve been relying on this feature to bolster your online visibility, fear not — adaptation is the name of the game. 

What’s Changing? 

Google Business Profiles Websites allowed businesses to create a simple website directly from their Google My Business (GMB) listing. While this feature provided a quick and easy way to establish an online presence, the move to sunset it is part of Google’s ongoing effort to streamline services and enhance user experience.

What Does It Mean for You? 

The news that Google is shutting down its Google Business Profiles Websites has stirred concerns among small business owners reliant on this platform for their online presence. For businesses currently utilizing Google Business Profiles Websites, this change prompts a shift in strategy. You may consider switching to Google Sites, another one of the Google Apps. Socius Marketing is here to help you navigate the shift seamlessly and help you leverage alternative avenues to maintain and amplify your online presence. 

Socius Marketing’s Guidance 

If your website is built with Google Business Profile Websites, here are the steps we recommend you take by March, and how we can help. 

Website Optimization

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to invest in a dedicated business website. Redirecting Google Domains customers to a dedicated website can be an effective strategy to maintain online visibility after the shutdown. Socius Marketing specializes in crafting tailored websites optimized for search engines and user experience. 

Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimization

Maximize the potential of your GBP listing. Socius Marketing will guide you in optimizing your GBP profile, ensuring it’s up-to-date, accurate, and showcases your business in the best light. 

Local SEO Strategies

As local SEO experts, Socius Marketing will implement strategies to enhance your visibility in local search results. From keyword optimization to local citations, we’ve got you covered. 

Customized Digital Solutions

Socius Marketing understands that every business is unique. We’ll work closely with you to tailor digital solutions that align with your goals, ensuring a seamless transition from Google Business Profiles Websites. 

Embracing Change for Success 

Change is often the catalyst for growth. As Google Business Profiles Websites bid farewell, Socius Marketing stands ready to elevate your online presence through strategic and customized solutions. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to ensure you continue to shine in the digital landscape. 

If you have questions regarding the upcoming change, reach out to us to have them answered!