The 4 Digital Marketing Tactics Contractors are Using to Win Right Now

The 4 Digital Marketing Tactics Contractors are Using to Win Right Now

By FrancesMary Loughead

February 23, 2022

As a business owner, it’s essential to define a clear digital marketing strategy to drive in new customer relationships. Some may rely on word of mouth and others on traditional, offline methods like print or radio, but online or digital methods are also vital if you want to grow your contractor business.  

In this article, we’ll define what a digital marketing strategy entails and some ideas that work well for contractors. 

What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy Framework?  

A strong marketing strategy will make a significant impact on your business. Marketing continues to be a differentiating factor for home services businesses, as brand reputation and outreach matter when reaching the local community. With $378 billion spent on digital advertising in 2020, companies across the globe are honing in on their digital efforts to reach more customers.  

Digital Marketing Solutions  

To begin working on a digital marketing strategy framework, you need to define precisely where you are now and your short, medium and long-term goals. Determine targets and set regular benchmarks so you can ensure progress. It’ll help to use the SMART acronym, so your goals are specific, achievable, timely, measurable and realistic.  

You will also need to craft your brand’s story and carefully define what makes you different (your USP). This will allow you to create all your digital assets, such as websites, mobile apps, social media accounts, etc. If you already have some of these, it will allow you to restructure or repurpose them.  

From there, it is a question of creating good content that must always be outstanding and never mediocre. To make this work, you need copious amounts of data that will allow you to analyze trends, gather feedback and use intelligence to improve. You also need to understand where each prospect is along the buyer cycle so you can utilize the proper channels at the right time. As your framework becomes more advanced, you will know a great deal about your customer and innovate to provide more value and bring them a more desirable outcome. In return, this makes you look good, may bring in additional business, and help you succeed.  

What Are Some Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Work Well for Contractors Today?  

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for digital marketing. It’s important to understand the different digital marketing strategies available to you and how each of them can be implemented into your overall marketing efforts. 


You can hire a professional to build and optimize your site or use a website builder to limit expenses.

Search engine optimization is a way to optimize your website so that it is seen as a great resource by Google and is given a boost in the search rankings. You aim to push the site higher in the search results, so those looking for your services are more likely to be noticed.  

There are many ways to use this as a digital marketing strategy, but geo-targeting is one approach. If you attach your chosen location, it may be easier to rank for a keyword related to your services. After all, there will be far less competition for space here. So, instead of trying to rank for “pest control service,” which may be competitive, aim for “Dayton pest control service” instead.  

  • Create content that includes geo-targeted keywords.  
  • Create a Google My Business profile to inform Google about your location.  


Social media is a gold mine for new customers. But be sure to know your customer demographic before

It’s important to consider adding a chatbot to your website, as 40% of internet users prefer to use a chatbot. Chatbots can be programmed to answer basic customer questions and to gather information to pass on to one of your sales reps. With a live chat window on your site that is obvious and not hidden, you can draw visitors into your web.  

  • Work with a service provider to create a chatbot facility on your site.  
  • Ensure these leads are fed into your marketing funnel, so one of your staff always follows.  


There are five big social media platforms that advertisers consistently target. Depending on your c

As 55% of people watch videos online every day and 72% prefer learning about a service through a video, create how-to videos or customer satisfaction videos that highlight your service. These should get more engagement and cause people to reach out for further information.  

  • Create powerful videos and don’t worry about them being perfect, as people tend to prefer the human touch.  
  • Post these videos on your website and social media channels.  


Building trust is imperative to a strong brand reputation. Here are a few steps to follow when creating content for your business. 

  1. Create great and informative content. 
  1. Show that you are the expert in your niche by writing blog posts or articles that help prospects. 
  1. While it may seem counterintuitive, show people how to fix problems that you would ordinarily help with. 

They will begin to view your company as a go-to organization when they need to bring in an expert.  

  • Try to create blog posts every week for consistency. Google loves this approach, and it may also help with SEO.  
  • Some of these blog posts can be videos as well for extra impact.  

Wrapping Up 

Even though you may already have some online assets (like a website), you should think about developing a digital marketing strategy framework. As this can be complicated, consider working with online marketing experts such as Socius Marketing so you can make progress as soon as possible. 

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