Content Marketing Tips for Urgent Care Centers

Content Marketing Tips for Urgent Care Centers

By Socius Marketing

November 17, 2021

It is often difficult for urgent care facilities to distinguish themselves. Social media channels are overloaded with content. Advertising online was easier before the spread of ad blockers. And urgent care is a competitive market, with many facilities all going after the same audience.

Content marketing is one way that urgent care facilities can stand out from the crowd. In this article, you’ll learn what content marketing is, why it matters, and how your urgent care facility can put it into practice.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves making value-rich content and publishing it for a target audience. This type of advertising can be a blog post, article, video, podcast, or other types of media. The goal of this content is for a seller or service provider to establish itself as a trustworthy expert.

For urgent care centers, content marketing would focus on healthcare information and advice. Article titles might include “What to Do If You Break a Bone” or “How to Safely Treat a High Fever.” If a clinic provides specific services or treatments, the content marketing strategy should focus on this niche.

Content marketing is effective because it engages the audience of potential customers (or patients, in this case). Instead of selling a product or service, a business is creating a positive interaction. And the audience will get quality information for free.

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Why Is Content Marketing So Effective?

81% of business-to-consumer marketers say a content strategy helps create brand awareness. Meanwhile, 76% say that quality content helps them build trust with their audience. Both of these things are essential for service-oriented businesses like urgent care centers. 

By providing valuable content for free, a clinic can establish a level of trust that is impossible with more direct advertising.

People are more likely to come to a business’s website or social media accounts in response to an information-rich article. Content marketing can bring 7.8 times the engagement of websites that only engage in regular advertising.

Practical traits can make content marketing a more attractive option for urgent care centers. One in every four internet users relies on ad blockers. These users won’t see traditional ads, such as banners and popups. But content marketing gets past ad blockers.

These traits make content marketing a cost-effective option that does not require you to pay for each click or buy ad space.

5 Content Marketing Tips for Urgent Care Centers

Content marketing can bring long-term growth, especially to a specialized medical service provider. But developing an effective strategy requires taking the right steps. The content will be in front of your target audience. Making mistakes can bring the opposite of the desired effect.

Here are steps an urgent care center can take to ensure a successful content marketing effort:

1. Do Keyword Research

Writers need to optimize their content so that it shows up on search engines. Google Keyword Planner lets users see what keywords people are searching for in a niche. Businesses can add locations to the keyword string. This step can ensure that people in the local area can find the articles. The writer can then sprinkle the high-search-rate keywords into the content and tags.

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Writing about current trends can bring links from other writers and more searchers. Also, writing about current events, such as COVID-19, can help make you an authority in the field. Google search also rewards websites that actively add new content. News pieces can help the site gain more clout.

3. Provide Basic Medical Information

One way to appeal to the broadest possible audience is to offer basic, actionable advice. Information that can affect everyday life—such as when to wear a mask or how to clean and bandage a small cut—can reach the most people. It can also establish the clinic as a source for useful information.

4. Keep the Human Element

Content marketing gives businesses a chance to establish themselves as an authority. It also provides the opportunity to be relatable and approachable. Creating articles with a conversational tone will draw more readers. This is preferable to having an article packed with data and statistics delivered in a dry tone. This approach will help the urgent care center seem more approachable. This is essential for converting the audience into paying patients.

Another method for achieving this tone is to include stories of people who visited the center. Some patients may be willing to share their experiences.

5. Encourage Interaction

Another way to remain connected to the audience is to encourage interactivity. An urgent care center can do this by responding to comments on articles. They can also encourage readers to come to social media accounts. This strategy plays to one of the biggest strengths of content marketing: the ability to connect with the audience in a deep way. Traditional advertising does not allow this type of connection. 

With these tips, an urgent care clinic can use content marketing to establish a brand and attract patients. It can also help increase trust and credibility. These qualities can help your urgent care clinic compete with others in the area. 

Final Thoughts

Marketers in every industry recognize the importance of content marketing. It is a valuable way to establish credibility, build trust and connect with your audience. For urgent care facilities, this can help your name stand out from others in your area.

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