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Specialized Marketing for DSOs

As a dental support organization (DSO), you have an important job making sure you’re meeting the needs of the dental practices you support. When you partner with Socius Marketing, you are partnering with one of the top dental marketing agencies. We specialize in dental marketing services to help you grow and maintain great patient relationships.

With effective DSO marketing strategies, you can help your dentists and multi-location dental practices enhance their online presence, appear higher in search results, and increase patient acquisition.

Even better, the dental clinicians you work with can do what they do best—provide quality patient experience—knowing that the marketing side of their practice is in capable hands.

DSO Marketing for Dentist Practices

The experts at Socius Marketing understand DSOs and dental practices based on years of specialized experience working with the industry.

We know the foundation of effective DSO marketing  is about staying aligned with each practice’s goals, whether it’s patient retention, hitting new patient targets, or increasing the number of high-value cases.

Socius Marketing supports what you do for your practices with comprehensive, tailored, scalable marketing services that include:

  • Website audits
  • Optimized web design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Review and online reputation management
  • Digital marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Transparent reporting at the practice and DSO level

Digital Marketing for Dental Support Organizations

Traditional marketing methods like direct mail or print advertising can’t always keep up with the fast-paced, mobile, multi-channel nature of today’s digital-first patients.
Digital marketing is one of the best ways to help your dental offices get in front of new patients wherever they are online. This ensures that everywhere a dental practice has its online presence—from its website to the social media networks they participate in to patient reviews on Google and dental-specific review sites—everything is optimized to drive new business by being clear, informative, and responsive.

When handled effectively, digital marketing can earn results faster and with greater reach than other forms of marketing you may have relied on in the past.

Digital marketing for dental support organizations focuses on modern tactics like:

  • Designing and optimizing dental practice websites with easy-to-navigate user interfaces and engaging, informative content
  • Utilizing tried-and-true SEO strategies that include keyword research so that new patients searching online can find a practice that matches their search terms and meets their needs
  • Creating paid advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that target the right patients with well-crafted ad copy
  • Using social media marketing to build and improve brand awareness among potential new patients who hang out on a variety of social media channels
  • Transparent reporting at the practice and DSO level.

As you consider the marketing needs of your dentists and multi-location dental practices, here’s a closer look at some of the digital marketing services you can put into play. With a solid DSO marketing strategy, you can offer better marketing support to your dentists and dental practices that result in measurable improvements to patient numbers, revenue, and more. Ready to learn how we can help you? Contact us today.

DSO Web Design

Dental practice websites are often too generic or difficult to navigate to be an effective lead generation tool. And as your book of practices grows, you’ll need an agile framework that can scale to support new practice websites and services.

Dull content and stock photos may be the default, but they don’t reveal the true brand or values of the practice, making it harder for them to stand out from the competition—and harder for you, as the DSO, to deliver on your promises. If the navigation is complicated as well, it can quickly turn off new users.

A well-structured, highly engaging website is one of the most important tools a dental practice can use to earn new business. It’s where existing and potential patients can go to learn more about the practice and clinicians, get answers to questions, find helpful tips and information, access forms, and contact the practice.

When people find exactly what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to sign up as a new patient, come back for a repeat visit, and consider the practice for high-value procedures that can boost revenue.

DSO web design experts at Socius Marketing custom-create high-performing, modern websites for dental practices of any size that convey each practice’s brand and values and are built on agile frameworks to ensure scalability. As the practice grows, an agile framework makes it easy to add pages, gather information, and manage a greater volume of leads and conversions generated from the site—all without needing additional tools or resources. Our web developers ensure each website offers an optimal user experience on every device—web and mobile—so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and take the next step.

DSO web design also involves optimizing each practice website for search engines so that it’s indexed properly and appears in search results.


So much of successful DSO SEO revolves around being better at it than the next person. It requires vigilance and tweaking to ensure your dental practices appear higher in search results than the competition.

That’s why a DSO SEO strategy takes time: it has to be tailored to each practice to see what works and what doesn’t.

The problem is, everyone is short on time—including you. Committing the time you need to manage and analyze SEO strategies for each of the practices you support can feel impossible with all the other work you’re doing.

Once a practice’s website is up and running, the next big step is to ensure it continues to attract and convert new patients. SEO experts at Socius Marketing implement a variety of strategies and best practices designed to bump up a dental website’s rankings for local keywords on Google and other search engines.

Our SEO experts customize each practice’s SEO strategy to its location, target audience, and specific practice goals. With us at the helm, you don’t have to be. You can spend your time on other supportive work. We also ensure your website framework is the same across the DSO, so changes and updates can be managed efficiently.

The end result is that each practice becomes more visible within their local market and potential new patients can easily find the practice online, thus increasing conversions and patient volume.

With more patients, practices can also see an increase in the higher-value procedures they promote and provide.


One of the worries for any dental practice or business entity that decides to run a PPC ad campaign is that it won’t be worth the cost. High ad spend for a paid search campaign that doesn’t result in equally high lead volume or the right types of procedures can quickly turn into a discouraging waste of money. If cost is a major concern, you may abandon the idea altogether.

A thoughtful, well-planned DSO paid search strategy, however, can significantly boost traffic to your dental practice websites and increase the number of new patients and high value procedures. It’s all about how the ads are created and targeted. When the right audience gets the right ad at the right time on the right channels, campaign success is much greater, and the returns outweigh the cost.

The PPC experts at Socius Marketing use our standing as a Google Premier Partner to get the latest PPC advertising updates from the competition, so we know how to craft and optimize ads that help your dental practices gain a competitive advantage.

Our experience with other paid advertising platforms like Bing and YouTube—along with our insight and instinct into when to use a quick display ad vs. a high-quality video campaign—rounds out our DSO PPC services and helps you and your practices earn a maximum return on investment.

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The work you do to support dentists and group practices is incredibly valuable. You give dental clinicians the ability to focus on delivering quality dental services rather than worrying about the business side of their practice.

But to fully support your dental practices, you need effective, scalable DSO marketing strategies based on insight and guidance from experts with a deep understanding of the industry. With our deep knowledge of DSOs and group dental practice marketing, we can help your practices stand out from the competition, enhance their online presence and reputation, book more patients, and add more high value procedures.

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