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Specialized Marketing for Dental Practices

Socius Marketing specializes in digital marketing for dentists that helps you find new patients, and targets specific high-value procedures.

We understand that all healthcare providers are unique, which means so are your marketing needs. That’s why we have healthcare marketing experts who specialize in digital marketing for dentists.

With the help of our dental marketing services, not only will your prospective patients find you first, but they’ll also want to choose you over anyone else.

You can feel confident that our team will create, execute, and refine marketing strategies for your dental practice that resonate with your target audience and bring in more high-value patients beyond traditional marketing efforts.

Why Work With Dental Marketing Experts?

Socius Marketing is dedicated to a few specialized industries—and dental care is one of them. As your dental marketing agency, we’ll develop a detailed marketing plan tailored to your business’s goals.
Whether you’re trying to increase patient volume, engage with current patients for retention, or bring on more high-value cases, our dental marketing services will help you grow.

We have in-depth knowledge of dental practices and have worked with some of the top practices in the country. We know what it takes to help you reach more ready-to-act patients, earn their trust, and convert them into repeat patients.

Our approach is also fully transparent, allowing you to see live performance data across your digital marketing strategies and campaigns anytime. We know this transparency is crucial to helping you increase revenue at your practice.

About Our Comprehensive Dental Marketing Services

Our digital marketing strategy for dentists starts by auditing and evaluating your website. From there, we develop a custom digital strategy to achieve your business’s goals and target key performance indicators (KPIs). Once that strategy is in place, we’ll continue to optimize it and implement new strategies to stay competitive.

Through the right digital marketing tactics, we’ll optimize all aspects of your marketing engine to get you a great return on investment (ROI). We’ll grow your business with a website built just for your practice, combined with search engine optimization (SEO) services that target new patients as well as high-value procedures.

From there, we mix in some paid advertising, dental content marketing and content creation that accurately represents your dental services, and organic social media management and social media advertising.

Your dental marketing campaign and digital marketing strategies will be long-lasting, especially as you implement retention tactics like review canvassing and online reputation management.

With a comprehensive dental marketing strategy that encompasses your patient’s entire journey—from discovery to review—you’ll have measurable results that will compound growth for years to come.

Dental Website Design

Your website is one of your most important patient touchpoints. It’s they way potential patients will learn about your practice and decide if they want your services. It’s also how current patients will get the information they need to navigate their dental experience and consider you for high-value procedures.

Socius Marketing offers custom dental website design and development for dental clients of all needs and sizes. Our designers will create an attractive modern website that embodies your brand and values. Then, our development team will bring it to life, ensuring it offers a first-rate user experience that converts more patients.

Your custom website will be optimized for search engines and users both on web and mobile devices. This will make it easy for prospects and patients to find you no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

SEO Services for Dental Practices

Once you have a website that attracts, engages, and converts patients, we’ll use a handful of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure it ranks. Our digital strategy experts are highly trained and experienced in the latest SEO science and best practices.

With our SEO services for dental practices, we’ll elevate your rankings on common search engines, increase patient volume, and drive more high-value procedures. Like all our marketing tactics, your SEO program will be customized to your location, target audience, and goals.

Our dental SEO campaigns are scalable, too, so we can set to work getting you to the first page of Google or moving you up for your local keywords. We’ll get you to your next growth stage, no matter how you define it.

PPC for Dentists

Paid media, including dental ppc ads, is a great way to boost your website traffic and win more patients. The paid advertising team at Socius can help you create ads and get them in front of the right audience.

As a Google Premier Partner, we constantly receive the latest PPC advertising updates. So, when we do Google search ads for dentists, we use that insight (and our experience) to keep you ahead of your competition.

Along with Google, our PPC team has expertise in other paid advertising platforms and online ads, including Bing, YouTube, and more. From quick display ads to high-quality video ad campaigns, we’ll work hard to ensure maximum ROI.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social media offers many opportunities to spread brand awareness about your dental practice. Our social media marketing strategies for dentists help you take advantage of them all.

Even if people aren’t directly searching for providers on social media platforms, they often visit the profiles of dental practices they’re considering before making a decision. The social media marketing team at Socius will ensure that those prospects find the information they need from a brand they trust—you.

Using a combination of organic social media marketing, content marketing, paid social media ads, and dental practice brand management techniques, we’ll help you reach a wider audience and drive engagement to capture more high-value dental patients.

Connect With Our Dental Marketing Experts

Your dental practice deserves a detailed and personalized digital marketing strategy to meet your business goals—not a one-size-fits-all outline of surface-level tactics.

Let the dental marketing specialists at Socius Marketing create, implement, and manage that strategy for you. We’ll focus on your growth while you focus on delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Book a call with one of our team members to learn more about how we can help you with your online marketing strategy today!

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