Your Guide to Roofing Contractor Content Marketing 

Your Guide to Roofing Contractor Content Marketing 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

December 5, 2023

When homeowners realize their roof is in disrepair, they are inundated with options. Between identifying whether they can get by with a roof repair or if they need to invest in a full roof replacement, they also must find a high-quality roofing company they can trust.  

So, how can roofers ensure that they get in front of ready-to-act roofing customers?  

Well, it all starts with an effective content marketing strategy as part of a holistic digital marketing effort. Good roofing marketing ideas are not just as simple as writing a few blog posts and calling it a day. Roofing companies must understand how customers are searching online and develop a competitive strategy so they can show up in search results and meet potential leads where they are making buying decisions.   

Understanding Content Marketing for Roofing Companies 

Content marketing is a strategic approach that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage your target customer base. In the roofing industry, where competition is fierce and establishing trust is paramount, content marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting with potential customers.  

By producing informative blog posts, engaging social media content, and visually appealing materials such as before-and-after photos or videos showcasing successful roofing projects, companies can position themselves as knowledgeable and trustworthy experts. This not only helps in building brand authority but also in creating a lasting impression on customers seeking reliable roofing solutions. In essence, content marketing for roofers is not just about showcasing services; it’s about establishing a meaningful connection with the audience, addressing their concerns, understanding their intent and needs, and ultimately, driving business growth through enhanced visibility and customer trust. 

Roofing companies and local businesses that have real-life before and after photos, testimonials from customers like Arry’s Roofing, can turn these successful projects into supporting video and website content for blogs for design inspiration and help sway potential customers on the verge of working with your roofing company. 

Tips and Strategies for Effective Roofer Marketing Content 

First, we must call out the most important aspect of high-quality roofer content, which is uniqueness. You don’t want your content to be duplicative of other content on your site, or just like the content on your competitors’ websites.  

Use the power of storytelling, customer anecdotes, or case studies from successful roofing projects to set your content, and business, apart from the rest.  

Educational digital marketing content that provides tips on maintenance, choosing the right roofing materials, and identifying concerns can also go a long way in positioning your roofing company as an expert and will help website visitors convert into roofing leads.  

Here are a few examples of SEO (search engine optimization) optimized blog topics for roofing content that can achieve roofing marketing success. This looks like driving impressions, traffic and ultimately, roofing leads: 

  • Signs Your Roof is Ready for an Upgrade: A Homeowner’s Guide to Replacement Considerations 
  • Choosing the Right Roofing Material: A Comprehensive Look at Options for Your Upgrade 
  • The ROI of Roof Replacement: How a New Roof Can Add Value to Your Home 
  • Weathering the Storm: Why Now is the Ideal Time for Roof Replacement 
  • Upgrade with Confidence: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Roof Replacement Project 

Attracting New Customers to Your Roofing Business 

Once you have a comprehensive content strategy in place and your content engine is chugging along, you can layer in additional incentive drivers to your content to help convert leads. Here are a few ways to attract leads within your content: 

  • Free homeowner resources and guides 
  • Ebooks 
  • Webinars 
  • Special Offers 

Encourage attention to these offers using attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons in your content to drive lead generation. Additionally, adding internal links to other helpful content across your website will nurture leads down the decision-making funnel with the added value of SEO. Just be sure not to overdo it with the internal links. Make sure the links are providing relevant value to the content and that you’re moving the customer through your website closer to the conversion point.  

For example, if you’re optimizing a blog post about deciding between a slate or asphalt roof, link to another article about the cost of an asphalt roof or the lifetime value of an asphalt roof as opposed to linking back up to the home page, where the customer is less likely to convert.  

Optimizing Roofing Content for Search Engines and Social Media 

Keyword optimization is a cornerstone of effective content marketing, particularly in the competitive realm of the roofing industry. Strategic placement of relevant keywords ensures that your content is discoverable by search engines, driving organic traffic to your website. Crafting compelling meta titles and descriptions not only entices users to click through but also plays a crucial role in search engine result rankings.  

Conducting competitive content audits will allow you to identify gaps in your strategy, ensuring your content not only meets but surpasses industry standards. Equally important are optimized headlines that capture attention and convey the essence of your content.  

These elements collectively contribute to a robust search engine optimization content strategy, propelling your roofing business to the forefront of online searches, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified leads actively seeking your services. In essence, meticulous attention to keyword optimization, meta details, competitive insights, and headline effectiveness is key to achieving visibility and success in the digital landscape. 

At Socius Marketing, we perform quarterly SEO audits and use our findings to influence our roofing clients’ SEO and content planning. For instance, one of our roofing company clients was struggling to reach a wider audience in a specific market and they had been stuck on the 2nd page of Google results for “roofing contractor” for a while. Our approach was to evaluate the websites that were outranking our client, look at their content, identifying differences and opportunities for improvement. We found that well-ranking sites focused heavily on cost calculator content for roofing projects and the content was longer-form than our client’s content.  

We used this data to influence keyword research, we identified the best evergreen content that existed on our client’s website, expanded the content to include “roofing cost” keywords and topics and over the next quarter, we saw an increase in overall impressions, keyword ranking improvements for a set of related terms and ultimately a spike in traffic and roofing leads.  

Leveraging Multiple Marketing Platforms 

In the competitive landscape of the roofing industry, the importance of developing a robust content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Beyond just having an informative website or engaging blog, diversified marketing efforts are crucial for reaching a broader audience and driving business growth. This means running compelling Google ads, investing in social media, and encouraging positive online reviews should also be part of your overarching strategy.  

Social media platforms serve as dynamic channels to showcase visually appealing content, engage with the community, and build brand awareness. Simultaneously, email marketing campaigns provide a direct and personalized way to connect with potential clients, nurturing leads and fostering long-term relationships.  

By incorporating these elements into comprehensive roofing marketing campaigns, roofing contractors can amplify their reach, establish authority, and create a seamless customer journey that spans from informative blog posts to compelling social media visuals and targeted email communications. This multifaceted approach maximizes visibility and ensures that roofing businesses stay top-of-mind when homeowners need their services. 

Getting Started 

In conclusion, crafting effective roofer marketing content is the key to standing out in a saturated market and connecting with homeowners in need of roofing services. From understanding the basics of content marketing to implementing unique and engaging strategies, your roofing company can position itself as a trusted expert. Once you’ve laid the foundation with compelling content, it’s crucial to leverage various platforms for maximum impact and to best market your roofing services.  

At Socius Marketing, we specialize in tailoring solutions to elevate your roofing business.  

Ready to start meeting new customers? Contact Socius Marketing today for expert guidance and tailored solutions that will set your home improvement roofing business on the path to success.