5 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Reach Your Prospects When They Need You

5 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Reach Your Prospects When They Need You

By Jocelyn Van Saun

May 30, 2023

Target Motivated Prospects with Our Top 5 Plumbing Marketing Ideas 

Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you that water pipes always burst over the weekend or just before a major holiday. 

While homeowners have pretty much learned to expect a plumbing disaster just moments before an important event, it’s still an unpleasant surprise — a surprise that catapults them into an instant, often frenzied search for immediate assistance. 

And chances are they’ll be searching online for a service provider who’s in their vicinity and can come to their rescue as soon as humanly possible. 

When catastrophe strikes, your offline marketing efforts are less interesting to homeowners than the information they can locate via their mobile phones.  

This is why, in addition to direct mail flyers, vehicle signage, and ads in your local press, your plumbing business needs a digital marketing agency focused on plumber digital marketing

Did you know?  

  • After identifying a local business on mobile, 88% of people will visit or call the business within 24 hours. 
  • Your business needs to appear on the first page of search results because 92% of searchers will look no further before deciding who to call. 

If you’re not dedicating at least a part of your online marketing budget to targeting prospects who search for plumbing businesses, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are five plumbing marketing ideas to ensure homeowners in search of urgent help will find — and choose — your plumbing company. 

5 Digital Strategies for Marketing Plumbing Services 

Plumbing Marketing Idea #1: Custom Websites 

Ranking on the first page of the Google search results is more than a clever choice of keywords. The work of ranking on Google starts in the depths of your plumbing website infrastructure, its content, and its navigation. 

What you need is a finely tuned, highly functional website that’s calibrated to deliver an excellent user experience — so you can convert visitors into buyers. 

Just some of the website characteristics you’ll be looking for are the following: 

  • Mobile-friendliness (also referred to as responsiveness) 
  • Lightning quick upload speed 
  • Ease of navigation 
  • Attractive design 
  • Strong branding 

These characteristics simply are not available from off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter, packaged websites. You’ll need a custom website built exclusively for your business. 

Plumbing Marketing Idea #2: Web Content and SEO 

The science of search engine optimization has advanced significantly since the early days of random keyword stuffing.  

Now the focus is on creating a positive experience for users. And that’s led to a new and more nuanced approach to digital marketing in which — both technical and local SEO — is combined with strategic link building and a conscious effort to create fresh, interesting, and useful content. 

These performance-centered SEO strategies are more complicated to apply than their predecessors. But if you work with the right digital marketing partner, you can increase the SEO value of your website and improve the quality of your content at the same time.  

That means more search visibility — your reward from Google — plus more new business from happy prospects. 

Plumbing Marketing Idea #3: Paid Media 

SEO is all about designing and arranging website content specifically to answer queries submitted to search engines such as Google. Users then find your company “organically” as an unpaid listing on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and proceed to your website to discover your content.  

Paid media, on the other hand, falls under the banner of SEM or Search Engine Marketing and drives selected demographic groups to your website via display ads that propel the advertiser — your company — to the top of the search results page.  

Provided they’re both set up correctly, SEO and SEM used together have been shown to deliver higher click-through and conversion rates than either tactic can achieve on its own. Logically this makes sense because the ads draw attention to your listing and attract pre-qualified visitors who may otherwise have missed it.  

Paid media obviously has a cost while SEO does not. But with expert advice regarding the choice of keywords and ad formats, the cost can be offset by the additional business it brings in.  

Plumbing Marketing Idea #4: Social Media 

Social media plays a fundamental role in any plumbing marketing strategy. This is because social media channels present an opportunity to reach consumers in the area in which they are most active.   

Social media is especially useful for local area marketing because of its suitability for community building and geographically targeted promotional campaigns.  

Because social media is ubiquitous and well-loved by users, it lends itself to building brand familiarity that earns consumers’ trust — for example, via positive customer reviews. 

Plumbing Marketing Idea #5: Customer Reviews 

It’s difficult to put a dollar value on the financial effect of a positive customer review. Equally, the damage caused by a negative review published online can be incalculable. 

Naturally, collecting and publishing positive reviews should be a non-negotiable element of your digital marketing strategy. But what about the negative reviews? Feedback from existing customers is an important source of information for local businesses and customer concerns must be acknowledged and addressed.    

That’s why Socius Marketing offers an innovative Review Canvassing and Management Service. Review Canvassing enables business owners to: 

  • regulate the conversation with customers 
  • offer customers timely opportunities to express their honest opinions 
  • generate appropriate Google Business Profile reviews for publication 
  • give potential customers positive testimonials to read that encourage them to contact you 

Read this article to learn more. 

Marketing Plumbing Services: Making It All Happen  

To get the best results from the plumber marketing ideas described here, you should use all five of them together. Each of these plumbing marketing strategies is interdependent; they each feed and derive support from one another. When you use them together, your whole marketing effort becomes larger and more powerful than the sum of the individual activities.   

The result: a truly robust structure with the potential to put your plumbing business in front of the right prospects at the moment they’re most likely to buy. 

If you’re ready to dive in, the expertise of the Socius Marketing team is at your service. Schedule a consultation, and we’ll talk about how to maximize your existing lead generation sources — and create a powerhouse of new prospective customers.