Top 5 HVAC Marketing Ideas That Work 

Top 5 HVAC Marketing Ideas That Work 

By Jocelyn Van Saun

May 23, 2023

Marketing HVAC in a Digital World 

Whether air conditioners run year-round or furnaces are needed nine months out of the year, one thing remains the same: people need reliable HVAC technicians to keep their homes and businesses comfortable, regardless of the weather. 

You’re likely already marketing your HVAC business locally using marketing strategies like sending direct mail ads, delivering flyers, partnering with other local businesses, and asking for referrals. But these activities are no longer enough. Local customers are shopping online, even for local services like HVAC repairs. 

Consider this: 

So how do you stand out in your local market and become the first call someone makes when they need a new air conditioner or their furnace gives out? You need to work with an HVAC marketing agency that can help propel you to the top of the search results. 

Here are five HVAC marketing ideas that will get you started today. 

Top 5 HVAC Marketing Ideas That Work 

  1. HVAC Marketing Idea: Custom Websites 

The first stop for many people looking for local HVAC contractor services is Google. That’s why your first step is to be there — preferably at the top of Google’s search results. 

The foundation of your digital marketing is a custom website that explains how you can help customers with their HVAC issues. While a basic drag-and-drop website from Weebly or Wix serves as a placeholder, it won’t be easy for customers to find, navigate, and understand. You need a website that is personalized and dynamic, one that includes features to help it rank higher in search engine results and is designed to attract larger customers.  This can only be done by a partner who understands SEO, user experience design, and web tools and integrations. 

Here’s what your HVAC website needs to have: 

  • Easy-to-navigate, user-focused design 
  • Mobile-friendly interface 
  • Strong storytelling that compels them to choose your business 
  • Calls-to-action that encourage them to contact you 
  • Professional SEO to get your site prioritized in Google search results 
  • Personalized content and local SEO optimizations so visitors are viewing what’s relevant to them, increasing their chances of contacting you. 

These elements combine to create a site that represents your company and values — and gets you more high-value HVAC clients. 

  1. HVAC Marketing Idea: Web Content and SEO 

Once you’ve set up a custom website, you must ensure it shows up when potential customers search. Optimizing your site for keywords that customers use, along with informative content and blog posts, will help you rank higher in search results so that customers will find you. 

Some HVAC companies will sprinkle or stuff their website with keywords to try to gain SEO authority. But that’s not enough for Google. You need fresh, relevant content that Google will mark as “helpful.” That’s why having the right SEO partner can make a big difference. 

An experienced digital marketing partner takes those keywords and turns them into content that enables you to get and keep customers. For example, your partner could help you build SEO-friendly posts such as: 

  •         When to get your pre-season HVAC checkup 
  •         What to expect when purchasing a new A/C unit 
  •         How to choose the right air filter (e.g. for pets, high-traffic areas) 

Google rewards new content, and your digital marketing partner can help you develop it. Your partner can also help with campaigns, backlinks, and other content that boosts your visibility in search engines — and gets you in front of new customers. 

  1. HVAC Marketing Idea: Paid Media 

While optimizing your website with keywords can increase your organic search traffic, paid media, and ads maximize your marketing dollar. Paid search and display ads put you at the top of search results for specific keywords, for a price. You can either pay per click or per impression, but what you choose depends on your ad campaign goals. 

One of the most popular ad networks, the Google Display Network, reaches 90% of worldwide internet users. With the right combination of keywords and audience targeting, you’ll get a lot of local internet users looking for an HVAC company like yours. Ultimately, you’ll want people to visit your website, but HVAC advertising can be much easier with a digital marketing partner who understands your industry. 

  1. HVAC Marketing Idea: Social Media 

Even though its very existence sparks strong opinions, social media has become an essential marketing tool. For an HVAC business, you don’t have to figure out how to make an A/C unit dance on TikTok, but you do need a social media HVAC marketing strategy to increase sales. 

Your social media requires a serious time commitment. You should be creative and post consistently. Successful companies post fresh, original content three to five times a week. They’re not just snapping a picture of an HVAC job site, but also producing short, catchy videos and sharing tips.  

But who has time to film and edit, especially during extreme heat or cold snaps? A partner who understands social media can ensure you’re posting frequently enough and that your content is engaging and interesting to your target audience. This will help you build trust with current and future customers and improve your overall online presence. 

  1. HVAC Marketing Idea: Customer Reviews 

Implementing these five HVAC marketing ideas creates a solid online presence for your company. Standing out in the HVAC industry is difficult, but you can generate leads for your business with the right partner to help you define your direction and HVAC marketing strategies. You’ll be the first person customers call for HVAC services when the A/C fizzes out on the hottest day of the year. 

A review canvassing system is a critical HVAC marketing idea. It adds structure and automation to the review process by sending emails automatically to customers asking for feedback. After the customer responds, you can see what they have to say and post positive reviews to your website or an online review board. If they respond negatively, you can reach out to make it right. 

Getting help from a partner to implement a review canvassing system frees up hours of time that you can spend on customer projects. 

HVAC Marketing: Not Just Hot Air 

Implementing these five HVAC marketing ideas creates a solid online presence for your company. Standing out in the crowd is difficult, but you can generate leads for your business with the right partner to help you define your direction and strategy. You’ll be the first person customers call when the A/C fizzes out on the hottest day of the year. 

Ready to take advantage of these HVAC marketing strategies? Socius Marketing’s team members are experts in the home improvement market and will craft a winning digital strategy for your HVAC business. 

Schedule a consultation, and we’ll talk about maximizing your existing lead generation sources and creating some new ones.