Lead Source Optimization & Conversion: Proven Strategies for Business Growth


In this webinar, you'll get detailed insights into optimizing your marketing mix and developing a robust marketing plan designed to close more deals. We'll delve into effectively capitalizing on various types of leads to maximize conversion rates. Learn from industry leaders as they share their knowledge on transforming every lead into a significant growth opportunity for your business.

Marketing and Sales Synergies: Explore how EverConnect and Socius lead the integration of marketing with technology solutions to enhance sales performance.

Lead Generation Challenges: Understand the evolving landscape of lead generation and discuss the factors contributing to the rising costs of marketing.

Speed to Lead: Discover the critical importance of rapid response times in lead conversion and receive practical tips on leveraging automation, AI, and strategic communication methods.

Effective Marketing Execution: Conduct a thorough analysis of diverse marketing strategies including social media, content marketing, SEO, and more, highlighting best practices for each.

Building a Comprehensive Marketing Plan: Gain valuable insights on how to create an effective marketing plan with the help of the Socius Evaluation & Pro Forma Worksheet.

Investment Strategies: Learn optimal strategies for allocating your marketing budget to maximize impact, covering branded, unbranded, and active lead types.

Key Speakers:

  • Jim Mallers, Vice President of Business Development at EverCommerce
  • Lukas Muller, Account Executive at Socius
  • Dominic Caminata, CEO Grosso University