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Digital marketing for an urgent care clinic is unique when compared with other healthcare providers. When a person is hurt and needs immediate care, they aren’t likely to shop around; they want the closest center with the shortest wait. And the first place they are likely to go for that information is their internet browser.

You can stand out from competing urgent care clinics by using digital marketing techniques designed for urgent care centers to help you can rank higher in search results, show prospective patients that you are available and close, and give them driving directions to your location.

To do all of this, you need a partner who understands how to market urgent care centers. Since 2006, Socius Marketing has helped urgent care centers like yours create strategic marketing plans to reach more potential patients. Our staff of professional writers, SEO strategists, web developers, and PPC services team have over 300 years of combined experience.

Why You Need Urgent Care Marketing Services

When most people think about urgent care services, they picture an emergency room. Yet there’s so much more to today’s urgent care facility. In addition to providing treatment for minor emergencies, such as stitches, setting broken bones, and treating illnesses like colds and the flu, urgent care centers also provide routine care like lab services, vaccinations, preventive care, school physicals, and other family care.

The question is: Do people in your area know about these advantages of modern urgent care? And if so, do they know how easy they are to access at your facility? That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Learning the latest in digital marketing techniques for prospective patient outreach and brand recognition is essential to earning the trust of new patients — but it probably isn’t something you have the time for.

That’s okay! We’re here to help.

Socius can help you take these key benefits and translate them into compelling campaigns, messaging, and ads that drive more patients to your center. Here are a few key messages we highlight in our urgent care digital marketing:

  • Convenience — treatment is available in the evenings and on weekends, no appointments necessary
  • Affordability — prices are lower than emergency rooms
  • Speed — patients have shorter wait times at an urgent care practice than at emergency rooms or family practice doctors.

With a complete menu of digital marketing solutions for urgent care centers, we’ll make sure you stand out from your competition. We’ll help patients find you online with a combination of website optimization, SEO, content, and social media marketing.

Urgent Care Digital Marketing Techniques

The basis of a successful urgent care digital marketing campaign is a strong website. With a professional, informative website in place, you have a home base and SEO engine for all of your digital marketing efforts.

From there, you can build brand awareness and generate leads with techniques like:

  • Custom website features such as waitlists and online booking
  • Local SEO best practices
  • Content development and creation
  • Social media marketing and profile management
  • Review canvassing

No matter what digital marketing strategies you choose to employ, a solid, comprehensive plan will drive visitors to your website where they can learn more about your services.

Building Your Urgent Care Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a roadmap that lays out how you will design and implement your marketing strategy, then measure the results. Your marketing plan should contain a combination of tried-and-true digital marketing tactics, such as: 

  • Email marketing 
  • Blog and social media content 
  • SEO content 
  • Paid media 
  • Marketing campaigns 
  • Referral and review outreach 

We can help you customize your marketing plan and mix of tactics to your specific services, location, and objectives. We’ll work with you to establish goals and metrics that lead to growth.  

Your marketing plan ultimately has one job: to drive new leads to your business that you can convert into patients.  

Urgent Care Web Design

Web design is not just about getting found by search engines. It’s also about answering your prospects’ questions and providing more information to establish your online reputation as a top urgent care clinic. These days, your site must have everything a patient needs, load fast, and be optimized for mobile so prospects can look you up while they’re on the go.

Optimized website design by the in-house, award-winning designers at Socius ensures you have an urgent care website that’s professional, easy to navigate, and contains useful content with the information your prospects are looking for. With consistent contact information on each page, multiple calls to action, and a map of your location, your prospects can find you when they need you most.

Urgent Care SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just a skill, it’s also an art. Achieving search engine rankings takes time and practice to learn, and it’s continually changing. Because of this learning curve, we recommend working with our experienced SEO strategists. This team stays abreast of the latest changes in SEO and knows how to encourage search engines to rank your website.

SEO marketing services from Socius are tailored to the urgent care industry and delivered with regular performance tracking reports. These insights and data help you make better decisions about your marketing plan.

Urgent Care Advertising

Beyond SEO, content marketing, and website development, we offer other urgent care paid search advertising to help attract new patients to your urgent care center. Running targeted online ads across multiple channels can deliver a steady stream of targeted traffic to your door.

Paid advertising campaigns, also called paid media or PPC, can get you on page one of search engine results and in front of highly targeted leads in your local area. The certified marketing professionals at Socius will help you implement paid search campaigns that bring in patients, not just tire-kickers.

A Full-Service Urgent Care Social Media Agency

Social media is here to stay. Love it or hate it, that’s where your prospects are. Socius Marketing will assist you in harnessing the power of social media to build brand recognition, drive engagement, and target local urgent care patients on multiple social platforms.

We’ll handle your social media content creation, manage social media advertising campaigns, and take care of your profiles. You’ll reap all the benefits without spending a single minute on social media.

Working with an Urgent Care Marketing Agency

Working with Socius Marketing means partnering with a marketing agency that understands the unique challenges of the urgent care industry. You’ll work with account managers who will function as an extension of your team to understand your business and challenges.

While you focus on existing patients, we will develop a digital strategy for lead generation and brand marketing while creating online opportunities to promote your urgent care clinic. With our team of experienced web developers, marketers, and content writers, we’re your one-stop shop for urgent care marketing services.

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