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Specialized Marketing for Orthopedic Practices

Healthcare services like orthopedic procedures and surgeries are some of the most difficult to market. The competition is steep, patients are selective, and procedures are complex and difficult to communicate.

In addition, many patients do their own online research before ever reaching out to a potential doctor; providers must have knowledge and advice available on the web to ensure potential patients can find them and get the information they need to make a decision about their care.

To be successful in this effort, your orthopedic practice must approach digital marketing with strategy and skill, from accurate and simple website copy to effective SEO to consistent and responsive social media engagement.

As an orthopedic digital marketing agency, Socius Marketing has been a resource for orthopedic medical practices for over a decade. Our team has the marketing and industry expertise you need to attract new patients and build long-term relationships with existing patients.

Marketing Orthopedic Practices within Your Community

Orthopedic practices are one of the few types of businesses that still operate locally — orthopedic surgeons can’t exactly complete a knee replacement surgery remotely (yet). Some doctors conclude that local events, flyers, and sponsorships are the most effective ways to inform their community about the services they offer.

While these tactics are an important part of your marketing mix, they can’t function effectively without the support of a digital marketing strategy. Think about it this way: People take their phones everywhere they go. If they see your practice name at a local event or on a flyer, the first thing they’ll do is pull out their phone and search for your website, reviews, and location.

When someone goes online to find you, you need to be there. Socius marketing supports orthopedic providers by creating a consistent web presence that attracts new patients, including:

  • A well-designed, informative website with online booking for consultations
  • A website that ranks on page one of the search engine results page (SERP)
  • A presence on Google Maps so people can easily view your location
  • A social media presence so they can better understand your brand
  • Lots of online reviews — and lots of positive ones
  • Paid search ads that put your practice above the competition

Our team conducts in-depth research on the keywords patients are searching for, websites they visit, and navigation tools they prefer so we can curate an online experience that will feel welcoming and seamless — and so you can think less about marketing and focus on providing excellent service.

Inbound Marketing for Orthopedics: 5 Essential Strategies

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that enables you to attract potential patients by providing valuable content and experiences, primarily online. Inbound marketing is incredibly effective but very labor-intensive. It must be managed daily to keep your practice current with search engine, industry, and marketing trends.

With Socius Marketing on your side to build a strong strategy, inbound marketing for orthopedics becomes an engine that runs in the background, delivering leads and maintaining your connection to the community.

Here’s what we do to curate your online marketing:

  • Build a custom website with innovative user experience design, professional patient-focused copy, calls-to-action, and top-notch SEO that attracts search engines.
  • Write online content that is informative and SEO-optimized so your future patients can find answers to their questions.
  • Run paid media ads that target the keywords your community is searching for so they find you before anyone else.
  • Create and manage your social media with content that engages your audience and keeps you top-of-mind when they need orthopedic services.
  • Curate online reviews using our automated system that sends outreach emails to ask for positive reviews — and address negative feedback before it goes public.

Wherever your community exists online, these five strategies will help you find them and bring them to your practice.

Marketing Orthopedic Practices with Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are the bread and butter of any business, but they are especially valuable for healthcare practices. Before patients can trust you, they want to know your results are high-quality, your bedside manner is compassionate, and your concern for their well-being is real

Because people tend to trust the experience of other people, online reviews are one of the most common places people seek out a medical provider. The utility of curating and managing online reviews cannot be understated. It can, however, be time-consuming.

Socius Marketing understands the challenge of keeping up with what people are saying about your practice online. We have an automated review process that gets you more reviews — and more positive reviews — faster.

Here’s how it works: Once the system is set up, your customers will receive an automated email after a procedure is completed requesting a review and rating for their experience. If the review is positive, you can publish it on social media, Google, and anywhere else you’d like. If the review is negative, you have the opportunity to address the issue and resolve it before the review is posted publicly.

Orthopedic SEO Services

Your overall goal for your practice is to increase your visibility in the community. If people know you exist, they’ll consider you when they need a knee or hip replacement.

To accomplish this, you must use SEO best practices on your website, blog, and social media. The click-through rate (CTR) for the first website on the SERP is 27.6% — pretty high. That rate dives when visitors reach the second page of results — only 0.63%.

SEO for orthopedic practices is not as simple as sprinkling keywords into your copy. Our team at Socius does in-depth research to understand the keywords potential patients in your area use to find a provider, determine which ones are most valuable, and use industry best practices to strategically integrate them into key areas of your content.

Orthopedic PPC Services

SEO efforts are best supported by a paid media and pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, especially as you are waiting for your SEO authority to build. Socius builds PPC programs that run ads against your most valuable keywords, guaranteeing you a spot at the top of SERP.

Our certified marketing professionals closely monitor the results of your orthopedic advertising and make adjustments to maximize your spend. As a Google Premier Partner, we are up to date on the latest PPC trends and changes so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media for Orthopedic Practices

As an orthopedic surgery practice, your staff stay incredibly busy. If you’re not in surgery or performing a procedure, you’re in consultations, follow-ups, educational conferences, or paperwork jail. Social media marketing efforts likely aren't a high priority.

But maintaining social media accounts is still incredibly important. In fact, we’ve seen an uptick in patients reaching out to providers directly through social media. They also use these platforms to get recommendations, look at provider reviews, and see how good a provider is at engaging with others in a public forum.

Keeping up with regular posts, message requests, review responses, and engaging content will ensure you are top-of-mind when patients need help. It will also ensure they receive a timely and knowledgeable response when they find the courage to contact you.

If time evades you, you can engage with potential patients by using Socius. Our social media experts can work with you to understand your voice and expertise so we can post engaging content, correspond with interested parties, and thank your patients for their recommendations.

Orthopedic Web Design Services

Three out of five people choose a medical provider because they have a strong online presence. A welcoming, knowledgeable, and communicative orthopedic website that tells your story and shares your education and experience helps future patients build trust with your brand. For the orthopedic practices we serve, we build custom websites that achieve these objectives. In addition, we have a highly technical team that understands the principles of:

  • Simple and intuitive user design
  • Optimization for mobile viewing
  • Cookie-based customization for a personalized user experience
  • IP targeting based on user location

When future patients visit your website, it is often their first impression of you, your values, and your expertise. Give them the best online version of yourself that will compel them to book a time to discuss their orthopedic challenges.

Marketing Orthopedic Practices with Digital Marketing Professionals

Becoming a leading, recognized, and reputable orthopedic practice takes hard work and commitment to your online presence. As your marketing company and partner in success, our orthopedic marketing services will help make your goals a reality.

Contact Socius Marketing to discover how you can start your orthopedic marketing campaign with Socius today.

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