The 6 Most Effective Link Building Strategies for Urgent Care Facilities

The 6 Most Effective Link Building Strategies for Urgent Care Facilities

By Socius Staff

October 14, 2021

Link building is an effective way to drive more traffic to your website and rank higher on Google. Links bring visitors from other sites to your urgent care facility site. The more links you have on other sites, the more people will be able to click through to your site.

In addition to bringing readers directly, you can also increase your site’s search value. Google, the world’s foremost search engine, measures backlinks (links from outside your site that leads back to your site) and uses them as part of the equation to rank your site on search pages. 

In this article, we’ll explain what link building is and why it’s important for your urgent care facility. We’ll then provide tips for effectively using this strategy to grow your business.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is a clickable text or image on another site that takes the viewer directly to a page on your site. Each backlink contains code with the URL to the target page. It can take the viewer to the main page on your site or to an internal page. 

Why Are Backlinks Valuable for My Urgent Care Facility?

A link building strategy involves getting a collection of backlinks from different sites. It can be worth the effort because a quality link portfolio can bring you traffic in many ways. 

  • Getting backlinks from local partners can ensure that viewers nearby see your site. Since these people are in the area, they are more likely to use your urgent care facility. 
  • Links from respected medical sites can establish you as an expert in healthcare, helping your brand image.
  • A collection of quality backlinks from different sites can increase your Google rank. The Google ranking algorithm measures the number of quality and incoming links to each page to help determine where it gets listed on a search engine results page. 

Unfortunately, link building strategies can be challenging. You need multiple links from quality sources to bring more traffic. Efforts to get many links quickly without considering quality can backfire and lead to a lower ranking and fewer visitors.

Here are some link building strategies that you should avoid.

Link Building Strategies to Avoid

Many types of backlinks are beneficial for search ranking and traffic growth. However, Google and other engines will penalize for low-quality backlinks. Their algorithms and manual audits both look for low-quality links. Placing too many of these can harm your search engine results.

Here are types of links to avoid.

  • Links from press releases
  • Links that appear in blog comments
  • Links from internet directories and lists
  • Links from social bookmarking sites
  • Links for foreign sites that are not directly related to your niche

In the past, these links would often bring results. However, Google has gotten better at weeding out low-quality backlinks.

6 Link Building Tips for Urgent Care Facilities

Avoiding bad backlinks is essential. However, it is not the only part of the process. You also need to take proactive steps. The good news is that positive link building strategies can help urgent care websites in many ways. Here are six tips to achieve these results. 

1. Work with Link Partners

You can offer to contribute to a website of a local partner. They, in turn, can provide content or mentions on your website. This exchange is effective if you work with a local partner in another industry. You can also consider a healthcare partner who does not directly compete with you. If you partner with another urgent care facility, ensure that they serve a different place with no overlap with your patients.

2. Creating Expert Content

Another way to get links is to create expert-level content about healthcare, public health or related topics. People will naturally link to this “thought leadership” content because it offers valuable insights. Also, Google’s search engine algorithms favor quality content, so it will improve your ranking.

Expert content can include articles and blog posts, but you can also opt for webinars, video content or podcasts. Journalists, writers and others covering healthcare can link back to your site when citing your content.

3. Engaging in Local Sponsorship Efforts

Sponsoring local charities or organizations can also lead to quality backlinks. You can do something good for the community while also raising your urgent care clinic’s profile.

Sponsorships can include donations to non-profits, participation in local fundraisers and volunteering at charities. You can even consider sponsoring sports teams or athletic events. These happenings will tie into health and wellness.

4. Publishing Webinars

You can get extra use of quality content by republishing it on your site and obtaining backlinks from partners. This content could include webinars or videos of live lectures. You can also use successful thought leadership articles or blog posts as the basis for a short webinar.

Instead of posting these on your site, you can offer them on video platforms or other sites, with a link back to a relevant urgent care page.

5. Offer Free Advice

If communities face healthcare issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, members of your urgent care facility can offer timely advice to news outlets, community blogs or other outlets. Your insights would be free to everyone, but you can ask for a backlink to your site.

6. Claim Professional Profiles

Claim your business profile on Google, Yelp, Bing and other search engines. A business can control these listings, adding relevant website links and location information.

In Conclusion

Link building an effective strategy to add to your overall marketing efforts for your urgent care facility. Using this strategy correctly can ensure a better search engine ranking and bring more quality traffic to your urgent care facility website.

If the idea of implementing this into your business sounds challenging, reach out to us to help you get started.

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