4 Digital Marketing Trends for Home Services Providers in 2022

4 Digital Marketing Trends for Home Services Providers in 2022

By Socius Staff

May 6, 2022

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing refers to all marketing strategies executed via the internet or aimed at electronic devices. This might include mobile devices, social media platforms and online environments. Your home services business may also have physical and face-to-face marketing strategies, but you must support these with a digital approach. Without digital marketing, you may lose ground on your competitors. You may also miss out on opportunities for growth. 

4 Home Service Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 

Learn more about some of the key trends in this area for 2022. We’ll also offer some easy tips for incorporating these trends into your strategy. 

Aligning with the Home Improvement Market 

Home improvement projects may seem at odds with home services. The former are often carried out on a DIY basis, eliminating the need for the latter. But this is not the case. As COVID-19 restrictions came into force in 2020, 76% of Americans made at least one improvement to their home across the year. Rather than fight against this trend, home services providers can leverage it to their advantage. 

Consider offering services that support home improvement objectives. For example, 64% of Americans renovated their home exterior in 2020, while 58% renovated the interior. Renovation projects are difficult for homeowners to carry out by themselves. Use marketing to position yourself as the expert that your customers need to meet their objectives. 

How to Succeed with This Trend 

  • Show empathy via digital marketing. Let your audience know you are here to help them succeed with their project.
  • Research common home improvement projects in your area and market your services to align with these common aims. 

Focusing on Environmental Sustainability 

With 59% of Americans agreeing that the effects of global warming are already being felt, now is the time to make this a focus.  

The pandemic has also heightened the general awareness of environmental issues—with 72% of Americans believing that private companies should do more to make their products and services environmentally friendly. This has driven home owners to become more eco-conscious when making improvements to their home, often seeking professional help with the process.  

How to Succeed with This Trend 

  • Reach out to your customers and discover what they want to see from you — environmental issues remain thorny, but many customers will value a more eco-friendly approach.
  • Work to make your services more environmentally sustainable and let your audience know this. 

Diversifying Marketing Platforms 

Digital marketing has shifted in recent years. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say that digital marketing has expanded. The old marketing channels and platforms, such as Google’s search engine results pages and Facebook, are still valuable, but others are joining the landscape. For example, TikTok — the social media phenomenon hit 1 billion active monthly users in September 2021, demonstrating just how ubiquitous the platform has become. Be aware of these new, up-and-coming channels and build them into your own strategy. 

How to Succeed with This Trend 

  • Be aware of what your target audience wants to see. Your ideal customer demographic may prefer to engage with your business via Instagram Reels, for example.
  • Integrate your marketing strategies across different platforms. For example, make sure your social media videos include CTAs that lead prospects toward conversion on your business website. 

Optimizing the Marketing Dollar 

It’s not cheap to market to your target audience. With this in mind, you need to make sure you are getting the very best from your marketing spend. 

It is estimated to be around five times more expensive to market to a new lead than it is to nurture an existing customer. This makes it more cost-effective to maximize the full lifecycle value you achieve from existing client groups. 

How to Succeed with This Trend 

  • Think about the service you offer. For home services providers, it may be possible to turn one-off ad hoc services into longer-term subscriptions. This will save your client money and hassle. It will also lock in a more regular income for your business.
  • Remember, you are optimizing your marketing dollar, not replacing the old ways of marketing. You still need to be focusing on both ends of the marketing equation. This means bringing in new clients as well as fostering relationships with existing ones. 

Final Thoughts 

Be sure you are leveraging the very best from your marketing in 2022. Reach out to our team and connect with digital marketing services that will push your business to the next level.