Front- and Back-End Web Development Handled by the Experienced Team at Socius Marketing

Web Development

Web development provides the backbone for a website’s successes. Even with an attractive design, a website that loads slowly or has broken elements won’t engage users or drive the conversions that businesses need. Socius Marketing’s experienced developers understand how to effectively code front-end and back-end systems to make our client’s sites stable and functional. Working closely with your project’s designer, these experts will ensure your website is engaging to users and properly captures the information needed to develop the reliable analytics your business needs.

Our team brings together more than 30 years of combined web development experience utilizing a variety of platforms. We work extensively with PHP and top PHP frameworks – Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Kojana, and more – and can adapt sites to run in a variety of Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We can also write a variety of JavaScript, Ajax, and jQuery codes to provide engaging on-site elements for our designs.

After a thorough consultation to determine how your website will support your business, we may develop any of the following features for your project:

  • Client/dealer login portals
  • Pin drop maps of reviews or past work
  • Responsive designs
  • Interrupting offers
  • Active lead capture forms
  • Dynamic contact directories

Our team here at Socius Marketing has also undertaken a variety of custom projects, such as developing interactive pages with multiple dynamic elements that respond to users’ actions on a page. Any ideas you have for your site, we’ll be happy to discuss and determine whether we can affordably and effectively make them a reality. In all cases, however, we’ll work with a focus on keeping code compact and organized so sites load quickly and function properly in any browser.

To learn more about the types of web development work we handle here at Socius Marketing, contact us today.