Web Design Services with a Client Focus from Socius Marketing

Web Design

Web Design That Reflects Your Business

Few moments are as exciting as launching your website with a new web design that reflects your business’s culture and goals. Knowing you have a platform that expresses how you operate and that is accessible to your customers can truly feel amazing. However, the path to launching a new web design can be a rocky one. Too often, businesses are stuck choosing from a few uninspired templates or get nickel-and-dimed over changes throughout the process. For business owners who are tired of dealing with these issues, Socius Marketing can provide the solution: truly custom web design services that are entirely focused on you.

Web Design

We’ll Design Your Website Not Just For You but With You, Ensuring It Reflects Your Needs

We provide a true agency-model service: learning about your business through an in-depth discovery meeting, developing a full presentation on our idea for your design, and taking your feedback to adapt our plan so that it meets your vision. Once you approve our plan, one of our highly skilled designers/digital artists will create a website design from the ground up, building your new site based on proven models that are both user and search engine friendly. They’ll also work closely with our developers to add innovative and interactive features that help make your website engaging to clients, while also ensuring that tracking codes are properly in place for you to capture the analytics data you’ll need. Finally, we’ll wrap this all in an easy-to-use content management system, such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, so you can easily add or adjust your site content moving forward.

Web Design

Be Ready for Mobile and Tablet Users With Site Designs Optimized for Their Devices

Our designers can also help your business adapt to the mobile browsing trend. We can create a separate, mobile website with a design optimized for smartphones and tablets, which mobile users are automatically forwarded to when browsing from their devices. Socius Marketing is also a pioneer of responsive designs that automatically adapt to suit the device being used, adding and removing elements as needed to optimize the visitor’s experience. These solutions can ensure your business’s website is ideally suited to serving guests, no matter how they find or access it.

Web Design

We’ll Preserve Your Old Site Content and Make Sure You Have Copies of All the New Design Files

As part of our client-side focus, Socius Marketing does many other things differently than other web design firms in our process. We take the time to move your entire site over into the new design, so you lose nothing in the change. Your entire site, old pages and new, will be hosted on our test server prior to launch, where it will undergo multiple quality control and quality assurance checks. You’ll have an opportunity to review and test all of its features, so when it goes live you know it’s fully usable. If changes are needed, you won’t have to worry about being charged extra. Our web design services always come with a flat price, and we won’t launch until you are entirely satisfied with the site we’ve built. We’ll even provide the layered Photoshop files for all your website’s design elements, giving you total ownership over all the work we’ve done for you.

In short, trusting Socius Marketing for your web design project ensures that:

  • Your site looks world class.
  • It’s easy for you to manage.
  • It will incorporate features to boost conversion.
  • You will entirely own your site.

To find out more about Socius Marketing and our web design services, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free website analysis, and discuss how we can help improve your web presence.