Increase Your Lead Generation with a Sweepstakes Promotion Created by Socius Marketing

If you are looking for a way to generate sales leads quickly and in large quantities, you might want to let Socius Marketing create a sweepstakes promotion for your company. While they’re not for everybody, sweepstakes are proven to produce results if you have the necessary staff in place to adequately follow up on the mountains of sales leads they can create.

The sweepstakes process is relatively simple. You decide on the giveaway, and the paid media team at Socius Marketing will advertise your sweepstakes on Facebook to a custom-built, hyper-specific audience. We can precisely target an audience that fits your client profile by selecting individuals who:

  • Live in your area
  • Have a set minimum income
  • Have sufficient credit worthiness
  • Own their own home
  • Have specific interests
  • And more

Once your custom audience has been created, those who click on your sweepstakes ad on Facebook will be directed to a stand-alone sweepstakes page where they must provide their contact information to have a shot at winning. Additionally, potential customers will be asked to choose the product or service they are interested in winning, helping you identify their specific areas of interest so that you can better target your outreach.

As a relatively inexpensive method for generating leads and interest, sweepstakes are more effective if you offer several contests a year for smaller amounts instead of one large giveaway. This way, there’s always an opportunity to win in the not-too-distant future, and your sweepstakes page can include a ticker counting down to the next giveaway to help improve conversion. And, once your leads start to pour in, Socius Marketing can provide you with tried and true scripting to help your staff turn sales leads into conversions.

If you are interested in learning more about sweepstakes and how they can generate sales leads for your company, contact Socius Marketing today.