Be Involved in Your Website’s Design, Work with Socius Marketing’s Expert Team

Our Design Process

The process involved in launching a new web design is usually better called an ordeal. Far too frequently, designers simply take a few suggestions and then give YOU the design THEY think is best, allowing time for a few minor changes and then charging through the nose for any additional time. That’s definitely not the experience you’ll have when you trust your design to the experts at Socius Marketing. We operate on an agency model, meaning we provide a flat price for your design and will do whatever it takes to ensure you’re completely happy with your new website.

We’ll assign your project to one of our experienced, creative designers, who will research your business and develop a comprehensive design presentation to make recommendations on:

  • The color palette for your site
  • Graphical elements for both the design and pages
  • The site’s structure and navigation menus
  • Lead generation elements (such as brochure request tabs)
  • Interrupting offers
  • And more

Our designers listen to your feedback and refine our plan accordingly, then develop page designs that accurately reflect your business. We’ll create design mock-ups of all the various page templates your site will require, and provide copies for you to review. There’s never a set time limit on our design work, as our team is happy to make whatever adjustments are needed to ensure you’re thrilled with the look and feel of your new site. Once you have a site that suits your needs, our developers will code it into an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which will make it fast and simple for you to add content or any other information you need onto your site.

Unlike other web design firms, we also take the time to copy your old site into the new design, helping to preserve the value and investment you’ve already made in it. We’ll host both the old and new pages privately on our server, providing us with an opportunity to perform a thorough quality control audit that’s designed to catch any bugs prior to launch and allow you to make a final review. After launch, you’ll also receive copies of all the layered Photoshop files used in the site, something we’re sure you won’t find from any other firm.

For more information on our design process and services, contact us today.