Online Reputation Management can be a Minefield, So Let Socius Marketing Clear the Path

Online Reputation Management

When people search for products and services nowadays, they’re not just interested in finding what they need. Modern consumers are increasingly looking to find not only where they can get the best deal, but also what company will provide them with the best experience, and a few negative reviews can seriously undermine all other marketing efforts. This means a business can no longer simply focus on its website alone but must be also aware of its general reputation online. With the prevalence and popularity of independent review sites, there’s simply no way to control what’s said about your business – even when unscrupulous competitors post false reviews – and attempting to respond to negative commenters can easily do more harm than good. Rather, trust the professionals at Socius Marketing to aid in crafting your online reputation using proven techniques to protect your brand.

Our ORM team will perform a range of branded keyword searches relating to your business, determining the value of every property in the corresponding search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ll evaluate whether each page is positively, neutrally, or negatively affecting your reputation, so we can determine the best course of action to aid in boosting your online presence. Using our proven SEO techniques, we’ll work to improve the ranking of positive and neutral web assets to degrade the position of negative ones. We’ll also analyze negative reviews to determine whether they violate the terms of service of the posting site, helping to weed out false reviews pointing to competitors. We will continually monitor for changes in your online reputation through tools that alert us the second new reviews are posted to targeted sites, or when SERPs change for branded keywords. This allows our team to swiftly develop appropriate responses to any activity related to your account so we can preserve your online reputation.

Some businesses with particularly strong brands may even find their reputations being directly attacked through a variety of black hat Internet marketing tactics, which is why we also provide forensic ORM service. Through this solution, we will:

  • Utilize a variety of tools to identify patterns in the attack
  • Research the source of the attack
  • Reach out to site owners to remove spam links or comments
  • Sending DMCA notices to those using your branding or website’s content without permission
  • Contacting web hosts to take down sites hosting spam content
  • Providing regular reports on activity surrounding your brand

To learn more about the importance of online reputation management and the strategies we can employ to protect your brand, contact us today at our Tampa headquarters.