Generate Sales, Gain Influence With Dynamic eBook Marketing

JoelCorrenteThe traditional white paper has long been the vehicle of choice for deep and detailed exploration of a topic, with an eye toward subtly influencing the reader. But today’s reader demands more than a dry, academic recitation of data. A well-designed, well-written eBook combines the authoritative information of a white paper with the reader-friendly features today’s savvy Internet users have come to expect from online documents.

In an age when potential customers are bombarded with bite-sized, flashy advertisements on TV and the Internet, an eBook offers a more leisurely, rewarding user experience. It’s not for everyone, but you might be surprised how appreciative most people will be when they discover a thoughtful, insightful eBook that delves deeply into an interesting topic. They’ll remember who provided that information, and they’ll consider that person or organization the authority on the subject. That’s a powerful way to position yourself as the definitive expert, a thought leader in your chosen industry.

The writers and designers at Socius Marketing are here to help you develop your wealth and depth of knowledge into an eBook with great potential to:

  • Generate sales leads or furnish the final argument in closing a deal
  • Establish or cement your expertise in your industry
  • Create valuable linking opportunities through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Generate news coverage to enhance your reputation

There is one small drawback to writing and designing an eBook, and that is that it takes a lot of time – time most thought leaders understandably might not have at their disposal. Yet, the potential benefits of eBook marketing can’t be ignored. That’s where the writing, editing, and design team at Socius Marketing comes in. One thing that sets Socius apart from other Internet marketing companies is a deep, versatile staff of professional writers and editors who will work closely with you to develop your concepts and ideas into entertaining, informative prose and infographics. Your eBooks will reflect your insight, your wisdom, your personality. And they will make a lasting impression on your readers. To get started, contact Socius Marketing today.