Blog Content Creation

blog content creationAt Socius Marketing, our blog content creation service is an excellent complement to our more traditional search engine optimization services. Not all of our clients will benefit from a blog, but in select circumstances where there is an opportunity to regularly publish fascinating, timely content, a blog will help drive traffic, provide users incentive to visit the site frequently, and lead to more qualified sales leads.

The most important thing to understand about Socius Marketing is that we are committed to providing well-written, carefully researched, and entirely original copyrightable content. Unlike other Internet marketing firms that tend to outsource their content production overseas, plagiarize from other websites, or trust unreliable part-time writers to draft mediocre copy, we employ a full-time staff of degreed, professional writers who are highly trained in the latest search engine optimization techniques.

Our writers are also trained to write blog posts that are carefully crafted to incorporate a variety of search engine optimization elements to help improve the client’s website ranking. These strategies can include:

  • Keyword use
  • Fresh, relevant content that attracts readers, search engine spiders, and inbound links
  • Opportunities to link back to the client’s website
  • Crafting the blog so that it will rank in search engines on the client’s name, which helps the client manage their online reputation
  • And more

Our blog content creation process is the product of teamwork among our writers. When a new blog entry has been drafted, it is sent to a peer editor for careful proofing to ensure that the content is accurate, grammatically correct, and informative. Once the content is edited, it is sent to the client for final approval before the content is published in the blog. These extra steps limit errors, ensure that the content meets our clients’ expectations, and sets us apart from the competition.

Another significant advantage of working with Socius Marketing is that our clients retain ownership of any content we write for them. This is notable because content we write for our clients’ blogs can also be used in conjunction with social media and any other marketing campaigns. To learn more about our content writing services, click or call today.