When you love your work, it shows. At Socius Marketing, we are passionate about what we do and we never stop evolving. That’s what sets our work apart from the rest.


So, you want to work at a digital marketing agency?

Let’s find out if Socius is the right place for you!

We’re a hard-working, innovative and collaborative bunch. We look for people who are passionate about the digital marketing industry, who are constantly striving to do better, to learn more, and to soar in the world of digital marketing. We look for thought-leaders, question-askers, initiative-takers. Socius team members know that a rising tide lifts all boats. They know that “we” is greater than “me” and that the only way to continue to grow is to lean on each other and continue pushing boundaries and going out of our comfort zones.

Why do we do this? We do it so we’re excited about going to work every day, ready to tackle the next project with fresh eyes and that go-get-em attitude. We believe that if we come with this approach every day, our clients will see that in our work. That, in a nutshell, is why clients love us and what differentiates us from other agencies who claim to do the same kind of work we do.

Fully Remote & Flex Office Space

Our team is uber collaborative, allowing us to seamlessly work remotely. However, we also have a newly remodeled office space for those who don’t love working from home.
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Health & Wellness Perks

Yes, we offer healthcare coverage, but we also offer a $30/mo gym stipend, access to a free 24/7 telehealth service, and mental health services.
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