Original Web Content Creation, Editing, and Publishing

web content creationAt Socius Marketing, there’s nothing more important than our web content creation process. Our particular brand of search engine optimization is the product of years of painstaking research. We’ve learned and proven that there is no greater way for our clients to improve their web presence, get qualified leads, and grow their businesses than with original, well-written content. While other Internet marketing firms have made small fortunes making hollow promises about first-page Google rankings and embraced unscrupulous search engine optimization practices, we take the time and effort to do things right for the long-term benefit of our clients.

Web content creation begins and ends with our writers and we’ve exerted significant energy and resources in hiring an in-house team of talented, full-time writers dedicated to helping our clients improve their web presence. Each of our writers holds at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and can boast backgrounds in English, journalism, law, political science, marketing, advertising, public relations, business, and other relevant coursework. Our staff is also highly trained on our search engine optimization process and is well-versed in integral industry ranking factors such as keyword density, spread, placement, and relevancy.

To ensure that each page of content we write is informative, useful, and grammatically correct, we employ a thorough editing process. Each page is:

  • Written carefully by the writer, taking into account direction from the client, extensive industry research, and the very latest search engine optimization practices
  • Sent to a peer writer for thorough editing
  • Forwarded to a team leader who edits the page one final time before it is sent to the client for approval

Yet, perhaps the most significant benefit of our web content creation is that the client owns the copy we write for them. While other Internet marketing firms may hold their clients’ websites hostage by maintaining control over the content on the pages, when clients invest in our services, the content becomes their own and can be used in any way that suits their needs, including in their other marketing programs. For more information on all of our services and for a complimentary review of your website, click or call today.