Web Article Drafting, Editing, and Publishing

Adding an original, informative article to your website is a great way to bolster search engine rankings, improve the relevancy of your website, and make your site more useful for users. At Socius Marketing, our team of talented, professional writers works closely with our clients to develop creative web article ideas that will bring visitors to the website and then give them incentive to stay, hopefully leading to a significant increase in qualified leads.

To better understand the goal of a web article, look no further than Google’s published mission statement: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This simple tenet perfectly illustrates what our writers strive for at Socius Marketing. Where other, less-ethical SEO companies attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm and avoid the consequences for as long as possible, Socius embraces the direction given by Google and other major search engines and takes care to write content that benefits both the search engine and our clients’ websites. With search engine-friendly content, our clients don’t have to worry about waking up one day to learn that their site has been blacklisted by Google because their shady SEO tactics have finally caught up to them.

One of the factors that Google weighs most heavily is the relevancy of a website. This is relatively intuitive as search engines obviously want the most useful information possible to be available to the user who is conducting a search. While the Google algorithm is always changing to improve the search function, the fact remains that the single best way for a website to remain informative and relevant in Google’s eyes is to be frequently updated with new, unique content that serves the interests of the website’s users.

To that end, Socius writes each web article to complement the existing content on the client’s website, while also proving to Google that the website is updated regularly with fresh, new content. It’s the single best, most ethical approach to search engine optimization. For more information on our content writing services, contact us today.