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Search Engine Optimization

With Internet searches exceeding 700 million a day, having a dominant web presence in major search engines is essential to any size company. As consumer behavior continues to shift away from traditional forms of marketing in favor of the convenience of the Internet, search engine optimization becomes of increasing importance, not just to gain new business, but to protect the business you already have.

Socius Marketing has the expertise to help your company’s website start generating leads and sales from the Internet. With unparalleled services such as content creation, internal link management, SEO-friendly web design, and full client reporting, as well as a host of other search engine optimization Atlanta services, Socius Marketing has become the preeminent SEO company in the country.

search engine optimization atlantaOur customers tell us that we have helped them:

  • Create a reliable in-bound lead source
  • Create brand awareness
  • Improve lead quality
  • Decrease marketing expenditures through reallocation
  • And most importantly, increase sales, even in this economy

Socius also pioneered “Pure Client-Side Optimization,” which refers not just to our strict adherence to Google-recommended “White Hat” optimization techniques, but also to our corporate position that the content and code we write, as well as the designs we create, should be the property of the client and easily editable by the client for future use.

Before employing any other search engine optimization company in Atlanta, contact Socius Marketing at 1-888-876-2487, or click for a free, in-person consultation and allow us to share with you the success our clients are already experiencing.

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