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Search Engine OptimizationIntroduction

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), your website’s content is king. It’s a simple fact that if you want your site to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need it to contain as much relevant, original information as possible relating to the products and services you offer. This is the only path that can deliver sustainable rankings, but it takes dedication, planning, and expertise, which is why most SEO practitioners opt for shortcuts that may work for a day or a week, but never last. Not so here at Socius Marketing. Our team of professional writers will put the time and energy needed into developing SEO content that helps your company’s site improve rankings while keeping it aligned with your business’s goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Skilled Writing Team Produces the Best Optimized Content in the Industry

We have pioneered a client-side approach to optimization, providing high-quality, professionally written content that help our customers not only improve SERP rankings, but also improve their conversions. Each and every page we deliver is carefully constructed from scratch by the expert writers in our Tampa office, never outsourced overseas or generated by a computer. In fact, all of our writers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, Communication, or a related field, and bring together over 300 years of combined professional writing experience. Many have masters, doctorate, or even law degrees as well, and we divide all of them into specialized teams with focuses on various industries to further hone their skills. We train them to incorporate a range of proven SEO and conversion strategies – based on our propriety search algorithm research – into their writing, while still ensuring that it is easily readable and engaging to website users. Their work is then peer reviewed, to guarantee proper syntax, spelling, grammar, and placement of all SEO elements. This makes the quality of our work simply unrivaled in the industry.

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Search Engine Optimization

You’re in Control of Everything Said on Your Website

In keeping with our focus on our clients, we also provide multiple opportunities for our clients to give input into their websites’ content. We undergo a thorough discovery process to learn about the unique nature of each business we work with, so our writers will know how to express what’s important to you and apply whatever style guidelines you provide. We always offer opportunities for you to review your targeted keywords before we write the content, and send each page for you to review before posting it to your website. This ensures that only content that accurately reflects your businesses makes it onto your website, so you can be confident that what you say in person is what your clients see online.

Search Engine Optimization

We Never Hold the Copyright for Our Content, so Your Site is Never Held Ransom

Most importantly, you’ll own the copyright to every word, letter, and comma we produce on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about your site being held hostage. We just prefer to let our results drive our relationships with customers. You can choose from a monthly, quarterly, annual, or custom contract to suit your business’s needs, and cancel any time. But, we’re confident that when you see the increased traffic, improved SERP rankings, and overall quality of our work, you’ll understand the true value our exceptional SEO content adds to your website.

To summarize, choosing Socius means you get:

  • Professionally written optimized content that’s clear and engaging
  • SEO strategies based on proven research and testing
  • Complete copyright ownership, meaning you control your site

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to tell you much more about our process and advise you on the many ways our SEO content can help improve your website.

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