Socius Marketing Helps You Build Your Company’s Online Reputation through Review Canvassing

Negative online customer reviews can put a damper on your company’s digital marketing efforts, undermining a lot of time and work with the click of a button. However, you can take control of your company’s online reputation by utilizing Socius Marketing’s customized and innovative Review Canvassing and Management System, which allows you to regulate the conversation while generating positive reviews that reflect the high levels of customer service you provide. Instead of seeking out a review board on their own, your customers will receive personalized communication from your company to help reduce the chance of a negative review ever seeing the light of day. While those who give a positive review will be automatically prompted to post it to one of your preferred review sites, such as Google or Facebook, receiving a negative review gives your company the opportunity to reach out before it is posted to see how the issue can be rectified and how you can better meet customer needs in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, our review monitoring tool is part of Socius Marketing’s custom analytics system, MyStro, and can be fully automated, allowing your staff to focus on day-to-day business and not waste countless hours managing the customer review process. Simply integrate the system with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system and your clients will receive a review solicitation as soon as their jobs have been completed.

Some of the other valuable features our review canvassing system offers include:

  • The option of posting 5-star reviews directly to your website as well as review boards
  • The use of schema markup on your reviews page so they will show up on Google search result pages
  • The choice of having your automated campaigns utilize email or text messaging
  • The ability to create separate accounts for each of your locations so you can build unique campaigns

Additionally, all of your review data are aggregated on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. This allows you to track your company’s performance and quickly identify what your customers like or don’t like about how you are doing business. You can evaluate positive, negative, and neutral reviews, and even use word clouds to see the specific terms that most often appear in each.

Contact Socius Marketing today if you would like to learn more about the review management options that our clients enjoy.