Responsive Web Design


One of the interesting challenges to designing an intuitive website is ensuring that it is optimized for a wide variety of platforms. These days, fewer and fewer people are using traditional home computers to do their daily web browsing, which brings unique challenges to creating the perfect website. Traditionally, if you’ve wanted your content to be easy to read and navigate for everyone, you’ve needed to invest in several different web platforms to account for the all the different screen sizes and resolutions that people use on their home monitors, tablets, and smart phones. After all, a mobile-friendly site on a huge monitor isn’t attractive, and condensing a content-rich home page onto a small screen on a phone may be too much. The benefit to the responsive web design service that we offer at Socius Marketing is that your single web platform will automatically optimize itself depending on what type of screen is being used to view the web page.

responsive designWhen you visit a website that implements responsive web design, you can see this feature in action by adjusting the size of the web browser window. In full wide-screen mode, for instance, your website will look completely different than when it is shrunk down to fit on a mobile screen. As you change the size and resolution of your window, you’ll see that the website automatically:

  • Scales and adjusts itself accordingly
  • Changes image size or even removes photos all together
  • Alters the navigation and layout of the site
  • Highlights or removes different content or features

These days, it has become pretty standard for a company to invest in a main website, as well as a mobile site and even a specific tablet website in order to reach all of their users. Responsive web design, on the other hand, stitches these three websites together into a single, comprehensive web platform.

When you turn to Socius Marketing for your web design needs, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our highly experienced design professionals who will assist you in creating a website that is optimized for a variety of screens and resolutions, giving you all of the benefit of having three unique web platforms, all in a single website. This state-of-the-art technique is the future of web design and will greatly benefit you and your users once it is implemented. Not only will your website be attractive across all platforms, it will be particularly well-suited for navigation.

To learn more about how we can help you bolster your web presence, improve the experience of visitors to your website regardless of their Internet-enabled device of choice, and meet all of your Internet marketing needs, contact Socius Marketing today and request a complimentary site analysis.