A Responsive Design from Socius Marketing Makes Your Website Easily Usable for Any Visitor

Responsive Design Mobile and tablet browsing habit have been steadily increasing, but many websites are still designed with primarily PC users in mind and simply don’t function properly on these other devices. Even companies with specific mobile designs are often forced to use systems that seem entirely different from their main website, undercutting their brand and the user experience. This is why Socius Marketing has become one of the pioneers in developing responsive designs that give our customers’ websites a consistent look and feel while automatically optimizing their content and features to suit the visitor’s device.

Responsive web designs automatically adapt to suit the user’s viewing resolution, providing the same information just with a slightly different appearance, such as:

  • Adjusting menus so they are more accessible and touch-screen friendly
  • Altering text size to ensure legibility
  • Removing or resizing images so they don’t interfere with the page’s readability
  • Adapting interrupting offers so they’re both functional and easy to manage for mobile users
  • And more

Another key element in our approach to responsive design is optimizing code so that each design – mobile, tablet, and PC – loads as efficiently as possible. Only the elements that the user’s device actually needs are sent thanks to a variety of server-side programming that automatically selects the right files for each visitor. This not only keeps performance consistently fast for everyone, but also helps limit the amount of data mobile and tablet users have to use when accessing your site.

Socius Marketing can clearly show how our responsive designs have improved key website metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, and pages per visit for clients in a wide range of different industries. We’ll be happy to go over your existing analytics with you to see how your current site is faring with mobile and tablet browsers to see if a responsive design is right for you.

To get your free site analysis and learn more about responsive design, contact Socius Marketing today.