Our Writing Team

Writing Team

When prospective clients walk into our office on the shores of Tampa Bay, they are first struck by the volume of full-time, in-house writers that we have on staff. At many Internet marketing firms, content creation has become an afterthought – something that can be outsourced to a temp writer or to a content farm overseas. The attitude at these firms, it seems, is that it doesn’t matter what the clients’ website says so long as it ranks highly on Google and the other major search engines. But this isn’t the right way to do business. You can have the most robust web presence around, but if the information provided by your website is irrelevant, unprofessional, or insufficient, those visits won’t turn into qualified leads.

At Socius Marketing, we do things differently. Rather than gloss over the writing aspect of search engine optimization, we prioritize it. We’ve seen time and time again that there is truly nothing more valuable to a website than having well-written, unique, and highly researched content, and the only way to get that is by hiring a team of professional, degreed writers.

We employ three teams of writers – each led by an experienced team leader – who are responsible for researching, drafting, editing, and publishing original content for our clients’ websites. Each team member is highly trained and experienced. In fact, our writers have previously been reporters, teachers, speechwriters, and marketing professionals, and every single one of them has at least a bachelor’s degree in English, Advertising, Marketing, or another relevant field.

Each new account is assigned a writer or team of writers who serve as a point of contact in our office. This accessibility and working relationship is important because our clients know they can access our writers when they have questions about their website and each month’s content. Plus, if you need to talk to the writer on your account, you can always email, call, or make an appointment. The importance of this accessibility can’t be overstated.

To learn more about our team of writers and our entire writing process, contact us today and schedule a consultation.