Top 5 Things Pay-Per-Click Management Companies Don’t Want You To Know.

1. Market Penetration – Pay-Per-Click or Sponsored links only reach an estimated 20% of the entire Internet market, leaving 80% of potential clients un-touched. The simple truth is that most people searching in Google, MSN, and Yahoo never even look at the paid or sponsored ads, preferring instead to skip over them and go directly to the free or natural listings running down the left side of the search engine. Ask yourself, where do you click when searching?

2. It’s Easy – Just about anyone can take 10-15 minutes and set up a Pay-Per-Click campaign with Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. All of these search engines offer step by step instructions, will help you choose your keywords, write the ads, set budgets, etc.

3. Conflict of Interest – Most companies that offer Pay-Per-Click management services have many different clients in the same category of business, all competing for the same phrases. So the question has to be asked, how will they manage your account effectively when they are managing so many of your competitors as well?

To accentuate this problem, the management company rarely will tell you what percentage they keep as a fee, so it is in their best interest to keep having their clients pay more per click and expand their budgets. In turn, the management company’s revenues increase.

4. Low Visitor Return Rate – In many cases, a potential client is not going to simply click on the first link they see and then call, purchase, sign-up, etc. This is especially true when searching for a service or a higher priced item. They research, then act. The problems faced by many companies doing Pay-Per-Click are: (1) their ad is either constantly moving due to the bidding/auction nature of Pay-Per-Click, or (2) they have simply exhausted their budget for the day or month, and when the potential client goes back to find your site, it is not there.

5. Never Ending Expense – Like all other forms of marketing (except Natural Search Engine Optimization), Pay-Per-Click is another pay to play marketing program. The moment you stop paying, your ads come down.

Done correctly, Natural Search Engine Optimization actually becomes an investment in your company. Long-term results are inevitable, even after active optimization has ceased.

Important Note! Never, under any circumstances, should you provide an Internet Marketing Company with the username and password to administer your domain name / URL. This is a common practice by many very large Internet Marketing companies. They use this information to give them access to change the ownership of your company domain name / URL, leaving them in complete control.

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