Do You Really Own Your Website? The Answer May Surprise You

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At Socius Marketing, we hear an all-too-common story: a business buys a new website, but then they’re stuck paying a high monthly fee for “management” that adds nothing. Additionally, if they want to part ways from the company that designed it, they’re hit with a fee for thousands of additional dollars or have their site taken away. How is this possible? Unfortunately, many owners miss that the web design and management firms they hire will retain copyright ownership of all the site design files and content posted on it. Some will even host sites themselves, allowing them to lock you out of your website files whenever they please. We’ve even seen cases where companies have taken over domain registrations, giving themselves near total control over their clients’ websites.

For lack of better words, these situations are simply crazy, and no business owner should be forced to deal with these kinds of dirty tricks. The Socius team believes that if you pay us for something, you own it. The best way to keep your business is to provide the very best work, not hold your website ransom. You’ll hold the copyright for the design and all of the content we produce for your site. In fact, we’ll even provide the layered Photoshop files for your design, which is something virtually no other firm is willing to supply.

Additionally, Socius believes that design work and site hosting should be as separate as church and state. We never host any client sites, but we can connect you with a number of leading companies that can provide the server space your website needs. We’ll also make sure your site is coded in a content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use, and can even provide some training to ensure that you can easily make basic changes to your site. Our team even takes the time to transfer over all of your old content, so you don’t end up losing the investment you’ve already made.

To learn more about making sure you truly own your website, contact Socius Marketing today.