Web Content is King When it Comes to Marketing, so Make Sure Yours Gets the Royal Treatment

Our Content  Process

Do you know where your website’s content comes from? It’s a fairly simple question, but you’ll find that many internet marketing companies hem and haw over answering it. Often, these firms rely on outsourcers who aren’t held accountable for their work or who use the same page over and over, simply changing the paragraph order or replacing key words. Some may even “spin” articles, creating gibberish that won’t help you get the conversions you need and can even lead to blacklisting. But Socius Marketing does things the right way, through a reliable process that produces high-quality, original content that truly speaks to your business.

We start with an in-depth discovery meeting that lets us learn who you are, what you do, where you work, and who you serve. You’ll speak directly with your writing team, which will be responsible for all of your content, along with our launch coordinator, who will guide you through our process and address any of your concerns along the way. We’ll go through our carefully designed questionnaire, learning not only about your business, but more importantly how YOU talk about it. This helps our writing team develop content that not only engages your customers but also reflects your own voice. We’ll take thorough notes during the meeting and send them for you to review afterwards, ensuring that we will be focusing on the right information to accurately portray your business.

Once you’re comfortable that we understand your concerns, we’ll dive into learning about what your clients are searching for. Our team will thoroughly research your industry to find keywords that are highly searched and relevant to the various products and services you offer. We’ll use these to develop a structured plan that covers several months to ensure we’re developing content that optimizes your site to focus on your business’s goals. You’ll always have an opportunity to review the plan before we begin writing, so you’ll know well in advance the exact subjects and terms your content will discuss.

With your approval of your search engine optimization plan, our team will get to work creating the content for your site. Every writer holds at least a bachelor’s degree in writing, marketing, communications, or a related field, and many have advanced degrees like J.D.s, Ph.D.s, and M.A.s. Our team members understand how to write with proper grammar, spelling, and syntax to ensure that content is easily readable. Many of our writers also specialize in writing for a particular industry, and we’ll pair you with the writer (or writers) that can connect best with your business. Their content is then reviewed twice, once by another writer and once by one of our highly experienced team leaders. This provides the quality control needed to ensure content is readable and accurately reflects your business’s priorities. We’ll send all writing for you to review and make any edits or rewrites needed to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the content of your site.

After your site goes live, we’ll continue to provide high-quality content based off your notes each month. This provides the organic growth your site needs to be attractive to search engines and build your position in rankings. You’ll also own the copyright to every page we produce, so you never need to worry about your site being held hostage against you.

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