Meet MyStro, Socius Marketing’s Innovative New Platform for Conducting Research into Your Website

Introduction to MyStro

While other internet marketing firms are content to provide your business with obtuse reports and out-of-context metrics, Socius Marketing offer our innovative MyStro system. Through MyStro, our clients can easily access a wide range of relevant information about their website’s SEO performance and how it relates to their account. We don’t just provide these metrics, but also informative tool tips to explain them, so you can properly assess the value of all the work we do on your behalf. Through MyStro, you can easily view many of the most important metrics and dimensions for your site, putting the information you need at your fingertips.



Making Essential Information Easily Accessible

Through the MyStro Dashboard page, you’ll see some of your website’s most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance, letting you see how well your site is gaining visitors and conversion. We even relate these metrics back to the cost of our services, so you can easily determine for yourself the value of what we bring to your business.

  • Average Daily Visitors
  • Average Daily Leads
  • Weekly Visits
  • Prior Day New Visitors, Returning Visitors, and Total Visitors
  • Monthly Leads (broken down by channel)
  • Monthly Lead Cost
  • Conversion Rate
  • Contact Page Visits
  • Traffic Type (Direct, Organic, Referral)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Percentage of New Visitors
  • Percentage of Returning Visitors
  • Most Viewed Pages
  • Brand Mentions (Broken out by source)
  • Your Socius Team

Helping You Look Deeper into Visitors

In this section of MyStro, you can gain important insight into key visitor behaviors. You can see how visitors interact on your site through various devices, how much time they are spending on the site, and how much they can explore it. These analytics can all be useful for identifying issues a user may be having, such as difficulty browsing your site on a mobile device, so you can determine where to invest in further improvements. You can also change the date range to view this data over different periods, or add another date range to compare different periods.

  • Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Behavior
    • Number of Visits
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pages per Visit
    • Average Visit Duration
  • Monthly Statistics
    • Visits
    • Page Views
    • Unique Visitors
    • New Visitors
  • Monthly Behavior Overview Graphs
    • Total Visits
    • Unique Visitors
    • Page Views
    • Percent New Visitors
    • Visit Duration
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pages per Visit
    • Percent Return Visitors

Easily See and Access Potential Clients From Any Web-Browsing Device

MyStro’s leads page not only shows the lead information on who is reaching out to you, but also helps you see how they are doing it. This can help you see what elements of your site are the best at capturing user attention. You can also export the list of your monthly leads in a variety of formats to make pursuing them easier. As with the Analytics section, date ranges can be customized and compared to help you see how lead performance changes over time.

  • Monthly Leads Based on Performance
  • Total Monthly Leads
  • Lead Information (Exportable via PDF, Excel, or CSV, and Printable)
    • ID Number
    • Name
    • Email
    • Form Used
    • Date Submitted

See When and Where People Are Talking About Your Business

Your website isn’t the only place online that people may see your company, and the conversations on review sites, blogs, and other webpages can greatly influence perception. We utilize tools to scour the web for instances where your company is being discussed or linked to, and categorize it to help you understand the context. This can help you determine how to best participate in the conversation about your business online.

  • Monthly Brand Mentions, color coded by medium
  • Brand Mentions by Source
    • Mention ID
    • Medium Type
    • Source URL
    • Source Name
    • Date and Time Published

Watch How We’re Engaging Your Audience and Managing the Conversation

This section is designed specifically to show clients how our Social Media efforts on their behalf have expanded their audience and influenced the online conversation. You can see a variety of metrics that show both the exposure to and engagement from your audience, and will let you see exactly what we have been posting on your behalf.

  • Total Facebook Followers (percentage change from prior month)
  • Total Twitter Followers (percentage change from prior month)
  • Total Combined Twitter and Facebook Impression (percentage change from prior month)
  • Average Follower Cost (percentage change from prior month)
  • New Monthly Followers graph
    • New Facebook Likes
    • New Posts to Facebook
    • New Followers on Twitter
    • New Posts to Twitter
  • Social Media Timeline
  • Most Popular Facebook Post
  • Most Popular Twitter Post
  • Monthly Facebook Reach Graph
    • Organic Reach
    • Paid Reach